Safety in using myclobutanil?

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  1. So I was searching on the internet last couple of days and found out that myclobutanil is not reccomended to be used on cannabis plants because of the HCN that results from the smoke.
    The problem is that I had already used an insecticide/fungicide mix containing pyrethrins and myclobutanil.For those who are not familiar with the name, it's the fungicide from Eagle 20.
    I should state that I used it in veg stage (from the beginning to week 5 of life). Here's some math:
    The product contained 0.012% myclobutanil in a bottle of 0.13 gallons (0.5 liters). I used about 1/2 to 1/3 of that bottle (about 200 mililiters of 0.012% concentration). this means by volume 0.024 mililiters pure myclobutanil. I had 6 plants so about 0.004 mililiters of myclobutanil per plant. In contrast, Eagle 20 has a concentration around 19%, so a sollution of 2 mililiters eagle 20 per gallon contains about 0.38 mililiters myclobutanil in a gallon on water.
    Now if this much myclobutanil is burned, it will convert about 1/10 of its mass into HCN. So in other words, burning down my plants that presumably contain all the 4 miligrams (density is around 1.1 so the approximation is acceptable) it would generate at most half a miligram of hydrogen cyanide (HCN) per plant. And this is the case when myclobutanil doesn't degrade over time in the plant, maintaining constant levels which doesn't happen.
    In contrast, burning the 0.38 mililiters would generate 38 miligrams of HCN, more than 70 times the amount in my plants.
    Presumably the half life is at most 60 days, so by the end of flowering there would be 2 miligrams of myclobutanil per plant. If I'm not wrong, this means one fifth of a miligram HCN from burning a plant at once.

    That being said, is there anyone that has any kind of experience dealing with this specific fungicide, I would like to know if my plants are safe to be smoked?. It can't be washed away so if I really made a mistake, my only option is to throw away all the 6 plants that are now entering flowering outdoors lol. I heard people saying they use eagle(myclobutanil) in veg and they never had a problem and there's also a study done by Health Canada that said quote : "Specifically, the level of cyanide from the burning of myclobutanil found on the cannabis samples is more than 1000 times less than the cyanide in cannabis smoke alone, and is 500 times below the acceptable level established by the U.S. National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health" It's referring to some samples recalled from patients , samples that were taken from plants treated with myclobutanil,so it might be kind of relevant because it says 1000 times less than the cyanide in cannabis, but even in the case in which I used far more than those growers had used, for sure it's way less than 1000 times more lol, and even so, it would be like you would smoke twice the amount of weed itself.

    I ask again because it really bothers me thinking I need to throw away all those buds i've been preparing for at least one year (first time grow- LSD Barneys Farm outdoors; location near a lake with high humidity where fungus and insects thrive);Is it really that bad(I mean even trace amounts are bad but eating crushed apple seeds introduces to your body the same chemical resulted from burning myclobutanil and I haven't heard by now anyone making cancer because of it) or it's just me being way too paranoid because of my own stupidity of spraying my plants with it? Please,need aswer :) (and sorry for my grammar mistakes and the fact that this kind of problem might have already been posted!)

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