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Safest Way to Robotrip?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by RasPlasch, Sep 24, 2009.

  1. Never really done this before. I will have someone with me. I have "tripped" off Benadryl before. But I refuse to do that now because of all the "A" lettered shit in it that I heard is bad for you.

    I know I have to take the liquid or the gel caps. But not exactly which kind, or which is better.

    Could someone post a picture of the package or bottle I should buy? The ones that only have dxm in them.
  2. Check the active ingredients and look for one that has only Dextromethorphan as the active ingredient.

  3. Robitussin Gel Caps.

  4. vics 44 cough
  5. this might sound stupid but I don't think I have heard of robotripping before how much benadryl do you have to take to get fucked up and what does it feel like?

  6. The benadryl wasn't too awesome. You feel like 1000lbs. Literally, trying at 100% it took me atleast 5 minutes to get to my bathroom. And I just sat on the couch staring off into space cause I kept seeing shit on the walls and ceiling. And I listened to music the whole time cause it sounded amazing.

    1000th post!!!!!! :hello:
  7. These are the best, the syrups always give me really bad nausia and stomach pains. Grab one of these bottles, theyre like $5 and some change and sold pretty much everywhere.
  8. ok this is what you do
    get cough syrup
    make sure the only active ingreedient is dxm
    the more the better id get delsym orange
    then get ice water
    get a coffee filter and put the delsym bottle in the ice water
    when the delsym is cold slowly pour it and the ice water at the same time through the coffee filter (get the stainless steel reusable one $4 at target)

    anyway as your ice water and cold delsym run through the filter the dxm will det caught on the filter and the other nasty stuff will run through

    now you let your pure dxm dry and i recommend parachuting (making pills with cigarette paper) or better yet empty out solid capsules and fill them

    or just drink it in or with soda w/e but now its pure and you dontn have to drink a gallon of cough syrup

    oh you said safe tho...

    umm like i said make sure its pure dxm but start with half a bottle of delsym the big one its like $10 that is a good starting point but to really triip most people i know will do like 2 bottles and i hate the taste of cough syrup
    some people say you can find it in pills too
    on that matter
    check the dxm dose info on erowid.ogr
    and that will give you an idea erowid is a good source
  9. Thanks for the answers!

    Could anyone recommend a dosage that will have me tripping hard my first time? I've experienced high level trips off Benadryl, so I'm not new to this mentally. But I have never tried Tussin.
  10. Benedryl = not a real Robotrip.

    Several types of Robotussin will work, Delsym also will, just no matter what avoid Triple C's (Coricidin Cough and Cold) at all costs.


    ^Slow death

    Edit; Also, giving dosage recommendation's are against the rules, but you can search your weight online for one, or probably find a guide on Erowid.

    Erowidulate that shit, son.
  11. DPH tripping is NOTHING like DXM tripping. So yes, you are new to this mentality.

    Start low, start slow. You could be enzyme deficient and end up overdosing on a dose as low as 600mg. If you haven't already read through the DXM FAQ on Erowid then you should do so.

  12. I don't plan on going over 600mg. I looked it up on erowid. 300-600 is a heavy dose. I will be somewhere around 300 - 400.

    How is it different then DPH? Is it better then DPH?
  13. You obviously aren't understanding, because you haven't taken the time to research DXM. How about you do that.

    If you're enzyme deficient, there's no telling what dose could be an overdose for you. That's why it's important to research these things, and then do a trial run. A trial run would consist of taking a normal dose of DXM, and observing what effect it has on your body. Again, everything you need to know can be found in the DXM FAQ on Erowid.

    And whether or not it's better that DPH is up to you. I don't enjoy DPH at all, but I have loved DXM since I used it the first time over 10 years ago. It's generally regarded that 33% of people who try DXM recreationally will love it, 33% get little to no effects from it, and 33% absolutely hate it. You never know which bracket you'll end up in until you try.
  14. I don't care what anyone thinks, or how dangerous it is but CCC is the best fucking trip.

    I get so fucking tripped out on CCC, it's crazy. I'll take twenty n just go to a different world for like five hours. And if you smoke weed on it.... OMG it's fucking nuts (you prlly won't enjoy it the first two times u smoke weed on CCC cuz it'll feel like your heart is gonna pound it's way outta your chest)

    I don't reccomend it tho, it is bad for your health. I've done it about 20 times the past year, and haven't done it in about 6 months. It hasn't fucked with my head any, I'm still really smart and have great reflexes, but my heart was def affected (used to beat abnormally for awhile, normal now)

    But yeah, it kicks the shit outta robo.
  15. DXm is the ingredient that makes you trip. Its the same in CCC as it is in Robotussen. CCC just have a shit load of extra drugs in it that is easy to take too much of and have problems...
  16. i heard Robitussin Gel Caps be the safest way to trip but i never did it.

    Anyways Benadryl is the same as dranamine, and that trip sucks hard.
    Might try dxm sometime.
  17. zicam max is deffinitly the best way to go. you dont have to eat mad gelcaps or chug a bottle of cough syrup. all you gotta do is drink the small gulp inside and ur good. i suggest you research the mg in it before you try it for ovious reasons. good luck!
  18. Safest Way to Robotrip?
    ...probably not to "robotrip" at all.
    first time i did it
    it was fun and i had a beer or two if i remember correctly
    second time...
    passed out an hour into it and woke up to the room spinning insanely and breathing really slow
    stomache cramps which led up to 12 hours of terrible diarrhea
    never touching that shit again.
  19. Why is Coricidin slow death? That's what I robotripped off of when I did it. I was miserable. Sweating and shivering at the same time. Heart racing. Thought I was going to die. Came really close to calling an ambulance. What is it that makes it different than tussin or anything else? Btw, I took 13 of them when I did it. What a terrible decision. Fuck that shit. Eat a perk and blow some tree.
  20. It's got various other drugs in it that, when taken in the amount you take to robotrip, could kill you or put you in the hospital.

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