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  1. Hey everyone, I was reading a growing book today and in the introductory pages the author claimed bongs were the MOST unsafe and unhealthy way to smoke. Obviously vapes would be the absolute safest when working properly and only combusting oils. But how do joints, pipes and bongs compare?
    I always thought the water would act as a filter for much of the tar, but the author said it filters out THC as well and can damage lungs by inhaling the water vapor. I don't really understand since we inhale water vapor whenever it rains or is humid out. Also, does the THC passing through the water effect the high at all? Like make it more intense or dull? Looking for speculative or downright scientific answers if you've got em.

  2. that's just silly you inhale steam in a shower right? also THC is non water soluble so you lose almost zero potency.
  3. vaporizers are not the healthiest way to smoke. if youre smoking with your vape youre doing it wrong lol, its called a vaporizer for a reason

    that author is highly misinformed about smoking weed, thats all im gonna say
  4. this^
    THC only bonds to fat cells. It pretty much just passes right through the water and does nothing special haha.
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    THC only bonds to fat cells. It pretty much just passes right through the water and does nothing special haha.
    </blockquote>So how do you explain this study done by the California NORML/MAP?

    Bongs are less effective than joints.

    But who cares? I don't. Bong hits is still my favorite way to smoke.

    Although I'd be curious to hear from the experts on the cold water vapor from the ice having harmful effects on the lung.
    Warm water vapor poses no harm, but I heard cold water vapor does have a negative effect?

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  6. i don't care what some study says, in my experience, which is kind of a lot, bongs beat any other method on terms of bud to high ratio. i would get way higher if i smoked the amount id put in a joint in my bong. but i never ever use ice or even cold water, i hate it. ruins the taste and makes the smoke all harsh imo.
    guess im an exception to that study lol
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    It's crazy isn't it, "inhaling water vapor damages the lungs." WTF? Showers like you said or just a humid day. Some people live where it's damn near 100% humidity all the time. You are not thinking clearly op. I read that shit a lot and it makes no sense.
    Healthiest way would be a good vaporizer of course.
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    ^ From Perking's linked study. That being said, weed contains more cannabinoids than the ones they tested for, and placebo effect factors in as well. But as far as THC consumption goes, joints are healthiest.
  9. Some more lines from the study
  10. joint with natural papers (job crystals) and hempwick. 
  11. Thanks this is exactly what I wanted to know. I regularly smoke bongs and never thought about if the water absorbs it, glad to hear it just filters some of the toxins.
    Ah thanks for the link I'll have to read that when I sober up a little haha.
    I was assuming vapes were the healthiest. And I was asking the question because the author's statement just didn't make sense at all. I'm just doubting his grow methods now if his facts on smoking are so inaccurate.
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    I'm a little skeptical of the study to be honest. Not saying it's downright wrong but they didn't provide much information as to how they were measuring levels of thc or explanations as to how much control was put into other variables. The fact that they performed the study using shitty weed and a homemade vape makes me even more skeptical. Again I'm not saying the study is necessarily wrong but remember that there have been studies that prove that cigarettes are 100% healthy, that weed can cause schizophrenia and cancer, and that diet pills won't give you heart attacks. There's a reason that science experiments are peer reviewed and results aren't accepted by the scientific community until they've been varified over and over again by different experiments. From a chemical standpoint it makes no sense at all for THC to be lost in water filtration. THC is a very nonpolar substance while water is extremely polar, meaning that no thc should dissolve in the water at all. If you don't believe me next time you clean bong and have that dirty alcohol in it add water, you'll notice a layer of dirty alcohol and a distinct layer of 100% clean water. That's also the reason you can't just wash your hands with water when you have a bunch of res on them. I don't think it's impossible that the water they used for the study was impure and contained small amounts of a polar solvant which threw off the experiment. Another variable is the lighting of the bud, since the bud in the joint is being lit by the bud in front of it I would imagine it's a lower temperature and less is being burnt away completely. If you were hitting a bong with a mini torch for example you'd probably get considerably less amounts of thc than hitting the same bong with hemp wick because of the temperature of the fire. 
  13. I hear ya.

    But sometimes we just can't explain experiment results.

    Perfect example : no one to date can explain why hot boiling water freezes quicker than room temp water.

    It makes no sense, as water freezes at 0 degree C.
    Why in the world would water at ~100 degrees C freezes quicker than water at ~25 degrees C??

    It's so puzzling that there was even a reward for the first scientist to explain it.

    So if something as simple as H2O does something that defies logic in a experiment, you expect every experiments involving the much more complex THC to behave according to textbook?

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    Sorry double post
  15. I think it's just a technicality.  Replace 'smoke' with 'consume' and it will make sense.
    im well aware; was being kinda facetious haha
    the second line of my statement was the serious one  
  17. Cool with me, but only if you like marijuana.
  18. Bumpin this. I have read some of these articles and very mixed info...

    Bongs or joints better?

    What about a dry bong?
  19. If you've hit the pipe and you still care about some nonsense like this, you obviously haven't smoked enough.



    One cigarette isn't going to  cause any significant damage to your lungs, as opposed to cartons a week over years and years.
  20. don't smoke it you wont get harmed by the smoke.  EAT the weed, problem solved

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