"Safest" Grinders?

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  1. Well I need a grinder and not sure what to get. I had an acrylic one awhile back and I noticed it peeling off. Not good. Smoking plastic is probly a pretty bad idea. Also I here that metal grinders can taint the herb with metal poisons and or shave off metal into the herb? I'de like a metal grinder but I also like my body. Alot.
  2. I really like the space case johns.
  3. Yeah a space case will last forever mine never stops :)
  4. Any cheap grinder is going to have problems. Metal, wood, plastic, it makes no difference. If it's cheap, it's almost certainly going to have issues. The top line, best grinders are metal. We are talking about Space Case and Mendo Mulchers. All the mid-range cost wise grinders are also metal. Sharpstones would be a good example. I've got a medium Space Case that I've had for a long time and I've had zero issues. No metal shavings. No binding up. Grinds anything. Still looks and works like new and if I ever get another grinder, I'll look no farther than Space Case. My only decisions will be 2 piece or 4, and small, medium, or large. I'd consider a Mendo, but I'm totally satisfied with the SC, so I see no need to change. I like Sharpstones (4 piece) OK, but SC's are much better and I don't mind spending the extra to get a better grinder. Soooo, I guess my "ranking" would be Space Case on top, then Mendo Mulcher, then Sharpstone. There are many I've never tried that are probably good, but I think you would be hard pressed to pic a range of 3 that would be better than a SC, MM, and a Sharpstone. For me anything cheaper than a Sharpstone is for the most part not worth having. Some find a servicable one somewhere cheap, but I think you could find as many stories of people that wasted 15 or 20 bucks on a grinder that was junk. If you want a grinder and never want regrets, get a good one.
  5. Chromium Crushers are pretty amazing. You at least used to be able to get those online for around 20 bucks and will never steer you wrong.
  6. I have a 5" diameter Space Case. It's great... but one of the first days I had it, it sliced my finger really deep. o_O
  7. Space Case! I just got one and love it, made in America enough said!!
  8. I've had this a couple of years. Just so you can see the wear. The couple of scratches are from a stone that grew into a tied down plant. Turned the stone to dust tho. And the scratches are more dents, nothing has come off the teeth themselves.

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  9. sharpstone four peice
  10. i have a 10 dollar gas station grinder that i have used for 3 years and its fine
  11. Kannastor grinder

  12. Ok well I just bought a Grindhouse 4 piece today. Smoothed out all the rough edges with a scotchbrite pad to get rid of shaving and burs.

    I am happy. But I have yet to grind any. Moved up here to Vermont and dont really have a "guy" lol. Actually no, no it's not funny.
  13. I would say quality wise, it's 1) space case, 2) mendo mulcher, 3) sharpstone

    I own a sharpstone and it's great, I don't plan on getting another grinder. If I lost my sharpstone or something though I would get a mendo mulcher, I think the space case price is a little bit ridiculous (like $100 for a decent sized space case)

    Also I think all this talk about metal shavings is mostly just rumours and not true, but even if some cheap grinders do produce metal shavings, as long as you aren't making edibles it won't matter because you're burning the weed not swallowing it...metal shavings won't combust and then you'll just ash it out with the cashed bowl
  14. that guy knows what hes talking about^ space case/mendo mulcher/sharpstone are legit picks

    most grinders are safe...just dont buy a fucking plastic one

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