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  1. wow i think weed is going to be legal now i mean i heard several radio ads promoting mj is safer than alcohol and they're talking about a burgeoning cannabis industry :D hell yes if mj becomes decriminalized i wouldn't have to worry about toking in public :smoke:
  2. i dont ever see it becoming legalized. the government makes more money from it being illegal. i could see it being decriminalized and medically legal in all states with a federal program but i never see it being legal
  3. All you have to do is go down town in any city after midnight, and you'll see all the drunk bone heads breakin shit, fighting, barfing everywhere,

    With weed, theres no harm done
  4. hows do they make money by keeping it illegal :confused: they lose more money by keeping it illegal the drug war is pointless ;)
  5. lol cept everyone would get so faded and enjoy themselves with NO hangovers :D

  6. if it were legalized the price of bud would drop to about the same price as cigs. all the money the gov makes from prescription pills would all of a sudden rapidly decrease, with the new market of thc medications. The gov makes a lot of money from prosecuting "drug offenders".

    dont get me wrong i would love if weed was legal but i dont see it realistically happening
  7. Weed is not likely to become legal anytime soon. Don't get your hopes up. And anyways, how is an ad on the radio supposed to be any indicator of the likelihood of marijuana being legalized?
  8. but if you look @ amsterdam you would notice that their weed is like the same price as it is for us cept its illegal for us and legal for them i doubt there would drop to the price of cigs i mean tobacco is crap weed is like the best shit ever
  9. 1) Weed is not legal anywhere on the planet. It is tolerated in some places, but is not officially legal anywhere.
    2) Tobacco is an awesome plant and recreational substance.
  10. lol i was kind of baked when i was listening so i jumped to conclusions lol but i mean theyre calling it a "industry" thats code for the government is legalizing it ;) note: keep in mind im baked so what might make cents to me but not make sence to you
  11. oh dang i just realized i confused the terms decriminalized + legalized ok i think the governorment would decriminalize it

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