Discussion in 'General' started by bobvila15, Oct 5, 2003.

  1. i was wondering....what is safer to trip on, shrooms or lsd....what would be better for a first timer to try? thanx guys
  2. I can't see myself ever tripping on acid. Shrooms are a different story though ;)
  3. shrooms shrooms shrooms shrooms shrooms shrooms
  4. shrooms by far. acid is a very serious drug. You can have the worst experience of your life if you do it wrong. Acid can be amazing if you prepare well for it, though. As a first trip, I would recomend DXM or nutmeg.
  5. nutmeg would be such a bitch to make work tho....ive read how hard it is to make that shit work im idk...cause i have the opportunity to get some i was wonderin if i should just go for it
  6. I say try almost anything once...of course I wouldnt try crack, heroine, meth or any of that shit... Ive done acid was fun, but I dont think I would do it again except for a special occasion or something...dont take too much though.

  7. i couldnt have said it better.

    just make sure you know what you're doing (theres loads of information to get from the net (including here at grasscity) so make sure you have the two golden rules of tripping understood in your mind before you start). its advisable to trip with a seasoned tripper. preferably both.

    and have fun.
  8. dude, wtf, hook me up with some acid man!

    anyway, i've told you before that you'd be crazy to do lsd before shrooms, you'd be so unprepared
  9. funny cowofsteel, i dont recollect that....yeah ill hook u up of course...
    plus im gonna try that nutmeg thing realllly soon i figure ill get a few ppl and make some tea and see what yeah...oh and im in a good mood cause i got hooked up phat tonight and i found my cell...yeah

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