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Safer than beer? and other miscellaneous concerns

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by coolstorybro, May 23, 2010.

  1. Okay, so I'm considering smoking with some friends...
    I've drank beer and some hard liquor before during high school, about a couple bottles a month.

    Recently, I got curious about weed. But I want to know, is it safer than alcohol? I heard that it was from a random article I found while researching marijuana facts.

    I'm also concerned with how it would affect my schoolwork.

    I've had a pretty good academic record, with a 4.0 GPA during high school, and 2400 on the SAT and a 36 on the ACT. I'm also double majoring in International Affairs and Aerospace Engineering and minoring in Psychology. So I'm just concerned that this will impact me negatively in terms of that. So if someone could reassure me somehow, that would be awesome.
  2. Not even the most avid anti-drug demagogue will tell you that any of the "negative effects" of marijuana will kick in OR be permanent after ONE smoking session. So yeah you are in the clear.

    On another note, educate yourself a bit on the medical effects, side effects, and uses of marijuana, you'll be surprised what you find out.

    Any problem you have with it impacting your social life or studies is entirely on you being lazy and not handling the herb properly.
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    It's astronomically safer than alcohol!

    Alcohol can make people violent and aggressive, causing people to argue, fight, and hurt each other. Weed will make you happy and chill, causing you to laugh a lot and enjoy the sound of music and taste of food.

    People get really impaired judgment due to alcohol, often resulting in them choosing to drive somewhere because they're "perfectly fine to drive," when really they can barely keep the car on the road. Driving while high will cause you to drive extra slow and be extra cautious, and maybe even stop at a stop sign for a minute or two because you and your friends can't decide which McDonald's to go to.

    With alcohol you can black out and get really hurt or do something really stupid and not even remember it. Or you can pass out and swallow your own puke and suffocate. Or you can die of alcohol poisoning. With weed you can sit on a couch and not move for 2 hours, lost in thought.

    Neither substance is addictive enough to have you hooked after trying it once, so don't worry about becoming addicted to weed.

    I graduated high school with a 4.0 GPA and am now in college for engineering also. The school I go to is quite difficult and stressful, so smoking weed can definitely help with that. I smoked a LOT more weed second semester than I did first semester, and I got better grades second semester. As long as you have common sense and self control, weed won't disrupt your education.

    So smoke a blunt with your friends and enjoy the best mindset known to man!

  4. I have several dead alcoholics in my family. All the stoners are still alive and kicking. Alcohol is very very dangerous.

    Here's the thing about your grades and whatnot: weed does not make you stupid or lazy. But some people, they start smoking weed (or drinking or shooting smack, or jacking off, same for anything) and all they want to do is party 24/7. That's not the weed's fault, but the temptation can be very strong in some people to just fuck everything and smoke and chill all day every day. If you smoke weed and don't get obsessed with it to the exclusion of everything else, then you'll be fine. A lot of people enjoy doing homework and whatnot while high. To me, being high makes mundane, unpleasant chores like fixing the sprinkler or cleaning out a faucet trap bearable.

  5. Thanks for the info. I think I'll try a joint this Thursday, or whenever my friend can get me some.

    I just need to find out when my next physical is. Does pot really stay in your system for 30 days?
  6. If you smoke pot once, it could leave your system in a week or so, depending on your height and weight and how much fat you have on your body. There are lots of threads here about getting THC out of your system, and some people claim they've passed drug tests in as little as 4 days after smoking.

    Do they drug test you at your physical? I've never had that.
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    Or more depending on your size, body fat, and level of activity.

    Edit: Jihuji is right, though. It depends also on level of usage. If you only smoke once it will be out of your system quickly. My answer was more of a general one not specific to your situation.
  8. I'm 5'8", 135 pounds. Average frame, exercise every day.

    They test urine.
  9. a 36 on the ACT ? thats the highest score you can get your like a super genius, i dont think any drug can make you dumb if you score that high

  10. If it's a routine physical at your regular doctor they won't drug test you unless it's requested and if it is someone has to pay for it, insurance won't cover it. Since you're over 18 (right?) they couldn't give the results to anyone else anyway without your permission. If it's for sports or something like that, then it may be a different case. Just because they get urine or blood doesn't mean they're going to find weed, they have to test for specific things to find them.
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    For the first time. Toke with mellow people. Don't ruin your first high with an asshole. Because they ALWAYS want to fuck with the noob. Just relax. It's not going to take control or make you do things you don't want to. Except maybe eating that entire chocolate cake in one sitting but that's just collateral damage. You won't hallucinate. It just enhances your senses and relaxes you. You're going to enjoy it.

  12. I think I'll just buy a detox kit instead. I also read the post in a sticky with the guy that passed a DT by drinking tea and taking a whole bunch of pills? Can anyone verify this to be working?
  13. when u pick up weed look for stuff without seeds!
    it can also help you focus on things as stated above.
    there are two major differences that are found.
    one tyoe, indica, will make you sleepy.
    another, sativa, is more heady, and wilallow you to do things normally, and lifted.
    make sure u get your facts from reputable sources,, like i saw a thread stating chocolate has cannabinoids, and people were like OMG i didnt know that!
    smh, best of luck to you.. and for good measure and easier THC absorbtion, eat a mango or drink mango juice =)
    happy toking!
  14. 30 days is more or less for the day to day smoker.

    High metabolism and/or good consumption of water will knock that time frame down considerably. Random drug tests are not good but since your physical isn't random, drink plenty of water a few days before and the day of and you'll be in the clear (piss :p)

    Anyhoo, the herb ain't nothin but a thing, like alcohol, like chicken, like whatever, its just one of the greatest things I can readily think of. You'll have a good time, although people sometimes don't get high their first time, but don't let it discourage you, it happens alot and the only real explanation is people who are nervous produce adrenaline and other chemicals that counteract the THC your body hasn't adjusted to yet. be sure to relax and be in a nice, friendly environment.
  15. I didn't know that, but that's awesome. I have a physical in 2 or 3 weeks and have been smoking a lot of weed lately (and don't plan on stopping), so I'd definitely fail a drug test if they had one.
    Luckily they've never done a urine test on me or anything. I've had blood tests, but they don't even check for THC, they just check your platelets and blood cell counts and stuff like that.
  16. 2-3 oz of apple cider vinegar, in a gallon of water, consume that over the course of a night, add maple syrup or honey for added flavor,, that will do the trick.
    viengar penetrates the cell membranes of fat cells, along with other cells that store the thc, this is beacuse thc is fat soluable and why u need to melt it into butter, for example for an edible to affect you.
    by cleaning out these cells, your thc blood plasma levels will disappear.
  17. Yeah, the first couple times I smoked it was only me and my best friend. He didn't fuck with me and let me enjoy the high. Make sure you find friends who will do the same and not make fun of you or make you take bigger hits than you can or anything.
  18. Yep cannabis is definitly safer then alcohol, which will have much more negative effects. It's much safer then pretty much every legal or illegal drug.
    If your worried, I suggest you go to Google video and watch The Union.

    Cannabis will only stay in your system for a long time if you use very often or are very overweight since it's stored in your fat. If your in relativly good shape and exercise regularly and drink lots of fluid, then after just one session it would take you a couple days at most to test clean.
    Now go watch The Union!

    check it out.

    read up.

    get pissed at government.


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