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  1. So I used safer brand insecticidal soap("not" the 3 in 1) in the spray bottle instead of the concentrate to get rid of some spider mites.ICame outside about 3 hours later to check on it,it worked great but now all the hairs that were clear have now turned orange and red and it is way too early for that to happen.I'm in about week 5 of O.G Kush and Green Crack and this shit pretty much burned all the hairs but the buds are not affected.I was wondering if anyone has used this stuff and had the same thing happen or may have some knowledge about this.

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  2. You should not use any chemical insecticides epically on your buds as you will be left with a bad aftertaste and you risk the integrity of your plants. Try mixing 1L of water with 1 tbsp dawn dish soap and about .25L of white Vinegar.
  3. i understand that but this is an all organic product and is completely safe,i think the problem is that the bottle comes too concentrated for delicate plants...and the salts in the product burned off the hairs.
    I think there will be new hairs growing as the buds continue to grow... i hope.
  4. stay up man....Im sure they will come back....I think its a good thing that the sun hasnt been out relly hot....theyre getting a perfect window to bounce back and not get burned.

    for mites....up to the 3rd week of flower you can use neem oil, it protects the leaves and kills most mites.

    Dish soap will help with things like whiteflys and aphids but spider mites are a bit tougher and require a little somthing more.

    I personally perfer not to use any chemical pesticides...I killed one plant using a safer brand more.
  5. you guys ever read the label of safer soap products? its very harmful to living animals. some of its ingredients can damages your nervous system,i swear, all of these growing forums are plagued with salesmen, protect yourself and do some research.

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