Safer Alternative to XTC?

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Weed_Pleez_123, Sep 10, 2009.

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  1. Ok, I tried xtc a while back and loved it but want to enjoy a similar experience again. However, I don't want to try xtc itself again, knowing it causes permanent brain damage.

    So, is there another drug out there that may stimulate extreme empathy and openness with others but does not cause permanent damage as xtc does (e.g., research chemicals)?
  2. Pure molly :p.

  3. Says who?
  4. shit still burns holes in your brain
  5. Saying it burns holes in your brain is pretty ignorant. How would all those crazy raver kids be able to function with swiss cheese heads?
  6. pure molly cause its not cut with other shit.... well not always
    or 2ci/2cb 2ci is legal its a research chemical so i guess its not proven better but it gives similar effects
  7. i love how you say it so matter of fact like, "knowing" it causes brain damage.. hahah

    but lets see... you want to do X without doing X... so maybe do X?
  8. Just suck it up and roll. It only does permanent damage if you use a lot.
  9. gtfo .
  10. If you are assuming that MDMA causes brain damage, you may or may not be wrong. Extensive research on this drug has not been performed, so no one knows for sure. However, it is SUSPECTED of causing brain damage, just like LSD is suspected of causing genetic damage.

    By choosing to partake in a drug, you are accepting that you are willing to take the risks that come alongside with the drug. It's your choice.
  11. any brain damage it causes is well worth it IMO lol
  12. It has been scientifically proven that the brain will recover once ecstasy use has stopped. MDMA is one of the LEAST dangerous drugs.

    I would be more worried about an alcohol hangover than a morning after rolling.

    The bad part of it is not all "tabs" are pure MDMA. They have piperazine, meth, DXM, MDA, etc thrown into the mix to make more money or suit the demand for a specific pill.
  13. Drug Info

    Just read this, please. It hasn't been proven to cause permanent brain damage, and any that does occur is after chronic use it seems. Just make sure you get clean rolls, stay hydrated, and if you want take 5-htp, and some vitamins the day after, you'll be feeling great if you felt like shit pretty quick after (few hours usually.)
  14. Methylone if anything.
  15. X is fine to do in moderation. I've rolled over 20 times. I've even done 4 in one night and I'm still alive and kicking with no problems.
  16. I think you got that idea from the study which showed ecstasy causing permanent damage due to neurotoxicity. Turns out the lab mixed up some vials and was actually using methamphetamine... OOPS

    Oops! -- "Killer Ecstasy" Study Retracted, NIDA Credibility on the Line, RAVE Act Still Law

    If ecstasy is causing people permanent serotonin receptor damage in moderate use It would seem adderall users would have pretty fucked up dopamine systems, but studies show otherwise.
  17. From what I understand about e is that it doesn't mimic chemicals in your brain like other drugs do but it empties the serotonin in your brain so that they bounce around in the receptors but are never absorbed again. I have heard from multiple sources that once you do e you will never physically have the same amount of serotonin in your brain ever again without some kind of anti depressant drug. Obviously, you may have to do it a few times before you become clinically depressed but I'm pretty sure that e works like I said, by dumping serotonin rather than mimicing it.

    One person that told me this was a psychology teacher and I didn't see it as propaganda as she basically said it was the only drug out of any she would advice not taking due to emotional health. She basically said if there's one drug I advise you never to take it's e. And I've heard this from many other sources.

    And if you disagree please point me to sources or have a discussion. Don't just quote and post gtfo because it's not something you believe. I'm not narrow midned about drugs and have tried plenty that aren't deemed safe. The above is just my opinion on e.
  18. just another victim of the propoganda:rolleyes:
  19. I heard that you raise the risk of getting parkison's disease by a lot from doing it just once.
  20. Your teacher is correct that it may effect your emotional health, but she is probably referring to people who take large/frequent amounts. As someone who has rolled a handful of times i can tell you that i feel perfectly normal, if not happier after taking e.

    And if you think about it, if everyone that used E received negative emotional health, you think someone would notice it.
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