safe word?

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  1. what would your safe word be?

    mine would be, "bukkake"

    one time, and one time only, a girl gave me a safe word. i thought "why dont you just say stop?". she had said she liked to get rough and so she wanted a safeword, but it wasnt like i was whipping her ass or doing any kinky shit...the only thing i really did that might've made her use the safeword was putting my hand *lightly* around her i wouldnta heard her use it anyway
  3. Me and my ex's used to be 'chewbacca'. We were stoned when we came up with it.
  4. Foofaraw

    It sounds more amusing when screamed.
  5. Spaghetti.

    I don't even remember why.
  6. What's a safe word?

  7. wouldn't work in my bedroom

  8. haha. he couldn't even say chewbacca. only "lrrrrrgggghhhhhhh"
  9. my safe word is to imitate the sound of alien from Alien vs Predator.
  10. "turtle"

    It's always been turtle for me.
  11. predator noises get me all riled up. hahaha

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