Safe Way To Ship Beans?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by bluntman23, Mar 24, 2006.

  1. used the method before, always worked for me, just paranoid after all this tightening down with og and hc gone and shit like that...anyway, single plain white envelope, a regular cheap writing pen, and a single sheet of paper. whatever b/s you wanna write on the paper, beans go in the pen, pen goes between the paper goes in envelope without a return address (DUH~!) and off to where ever? (with 2 or 3 39 cent stamp on the envelope, how many do I need)
  2. I'm impressed by that idea. I don't know much about shipping beans and the commerce of it all - but I always love to hear creative ways of doing it.

    but I just am wondering, if you are worried about crack downs with og and crew, maybe it's not too smart to post a stealth method on the internet? Anybody can read this and now anyone can know a way some people ship..... (anyone meaning LEO).
  3. This particular stealth is not a new idea, that's all should say about it.
  4. ah - just new to me. :) Learn something new everyday.
  5. Get more than a few pieces of paper, whatever feels right, fold them all into 3rds so they fit into the envalope and leave a plastic pag with the seeds inside all spead out in a line so theyre not all bunched up in the middle of the folded up papers. Looks just like any other letter with more than a few pages in it. No return adress, pop it in the local box and forget about it. Done.

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