Safe to use bong that's been outside all winter?

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  1. So I've been keeping my bong outside since I bought it last June or July, and this winter me and my friends didn't use it at all since it was too cold as per usual to smoke outside for more than 5 minutes without wanting to cry, so bong was out of the question. I left it outside all winter, it didn't really get any snow on it cause it was positioned under the eaves-trough. It has been getting really nice out lately so I brought it inside today and ran hot water through it and all the lose crap came out, I know have it sitting with about 50ml of Isopropyl in it mixed with water up to where the bowl goes in. There is still some rez inside that I can't really do anything about at this point, do you guys think it is safe to use after it dries? I'm just concerned about the possibility of harmful material being stuck inside from it being outside so long. Maybe I'm just paranoid
  2. Why wouldn't it be?

    You're good dude just wash out real well, 99% iso and some salt will solve that res problem. Don't forget to rinse real well with warm water b/c fire and iso dont mix.

    You can get some magnets and break em up into lil pieces then use em to scrub the remaining res.

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  3. I think I used 70% iso, i dont really care about the rez its just on one small part inside. Other than that I'm good tho?
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    I couldn't imagine why not bro, i used to keep my metal pipe outside when i was alot younger. Just wash out real thoroughly, i mean shit you cant smoke iso and it was in your bong at one time too. Don't see how some dirt and natural mater
    tht was in your piece would cause you any harm. Toke up

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  5. If you are that worried about it, i would get a new slide and call it a day.

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  6. Fuck I was ready to go, but there was some nasty green rez that came out that i was scraping off the side, idk if its a piece of a leaf or some shit nasty tho. I'm a germaphobe lol
  7. I would soak it for a while then, if you aren't comfortable then toss it.

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  8. I'm gonna boil some water and dump it in and let it soak
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  9. Careful with going from hot to cold, don't wanna go through all this for a broken piece!
  10. It's fairly warm outside, and she's a tough bitch of a bong. And if it does It's really no big deal to me tbh
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