Safe to start using tiger bloom??

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  1. i have verified that all my plants are females because pistils are starting to show on each and every one of them.

    i can start using tiger bloom now no ?
  2. why not? I'd be cautious and ease into the bloom nutes.. Since it's so early why not start with 1/4 the dosage
  3. im going to start with less ofcourse just wondering if it was safe
  4. go for it. I just started giving mine bloom about a week ago. open sesame and tiger bloom. its that time again! 
  5. start with 2 teaspoons per gallon of tiger bloom and open sesame helps A BUNCH. use a quarter teaspoon per gallon. I have all different  sizes of plants and none show sines of burn if anything it looks like the bigger ones need some more.
  6. Imo never safe to use chemical based nutes on medicine your going to ingest into ur body but thats just my 2 cents. I pull huge weight without the use of chemicals. Organic super soil and teas all made by myself. ;)
  7. Yes, I just started mixing Growbig with the Tiger 3 days ago, I am going to use the GB mixed for about 2 more feedings then just the tiger......  
    agreed with the expert here. im going only organics this season and im doing blooming teas now so i would use the tiger bloom now as well. im trying to get the plant to use up all the nutes by time harvest season . I want T H C not N P K
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    If you are growing organic and using teas why would you need anything else, everything you need should already be in the soil media if properly constructed.  You are just wasting money on unneeded, watered down, over hyped products for beginning growers who don't know better.   You are not growing organically if you use Tiger bloom, this has chemical salts included in the product.  If you are not going the organic route you might as well use a $3 box of Miracle Grow, Dyna Grow or Jack's classic, you get much more nutrients for the money than using these so called designer fertilizers.
  10. so u dont use any liquid nutes. Sorry I'm still sorta new jus asking what type of tea? I'm thinking of GH two part nutes my first time growing.
  11. No I dont but if you do need to use em general organics is great. I use fish hydrolysate, and molasses in my teas about the only liquids I use.
  13. Oh Bullfuck, you started with the FF so Organic is out the window anyways...  FF is good stuff stick with it and it will do you right.......
  14. I use happy Frog soil and it had all the nuturients I needed for a while. I started using big bloom and grow big and they exploded. My plants are in pots so they can be flushed. Big plants just eat up all the nutes. Now Im using tiger bloom, big bloom and open sesame and you don't need much. And a 3 dollar box of miracle grow is what I used on my first plant I grew in a window sill when I was 10.
  15. Go ahead and start. If they aren't already flowering, some flower nutes will kick them into gear.

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