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Safe to smoke?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by lerchr, Sep 23, 2010.

  1. Hello everyone! I was just wondering what your opinions are on this issue and hope I dont sound overly paranoid haha. So here is the deal I havent smoked in two months to pass a drug test for a job. When I get to the job on the first day they assumed that I went to a drug test before I started. I told them I didnt and at first the HR person didnt know what to do about it. I asked her at the end of the day what was up with the test and she said dont worry about it since I am only part time ( paid internship ). I started on monday and wanted to wait to friday to make sure HR didnt change their minds, do you think I will be good to smoke this weekend? I just dont want to find out on monday that I have to take one now even though they said I wouldnt, Thanks!
  2. dont just incase :smoke:
  3. You've waited two months, might as well wait another weekend.
  4. Actually a lot of jobs right now have policies for part-time employees as such.

    Since the economy is so bad they are skimping on UA's as they are expensive.

    Just a heads up.
  5. Yea The HR lady told me flat out, we arent testing you unless you become full time which wont happen because they dont want to give me benefits. So basically my question is, has anyone had this happen and then got tested anyhow?
  6. ^^If she told you flat out they wont test you then they probably wont test you. Id go for it. But thats just me. And no ive never had that happen.
  7. I would also smoke.
  8. Ill let you guys know what I finally deciede but I dont think the company would change their mind that like and if they did they would have done it this week sometime .
  9. I'm with this guy. Play it safe, dude. Otherwise you just wasted 2 months of not blazing for nothing. Oh, and you won't get the job if they change their minds or she was misinformed.
  10. I'd wait, you've waited 2 months already, what's another week?

    Regardless of the fact that they probably won't test you (personally I've never been tested at a job) it's better to wait. zRegular is right too, UAs are expensive, and all that drug-free workplace crap is such bullshit, most companies don't really care that much.

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