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Safe to smoke while rolling on Mollies

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by chrisizzle492, Jul 14, 2009.

  1. i need to know if it is dangerous to smoke weed before or while taking mollies (strong ecstasy/pure mdma).

    A buddy of mine said not to take it(molly) for at least 48 hours of toking, because a man went blind doing them together. But my dilemma is if im gonna take it i have to tonight because i cant later this week.
  2. o.0 never heard of that.....

    I've rolled and smoked, everything was just fine
  3. wait never heard of mollies or the part about going blind.

    did you do mollies or xtc while toking?
  4. I always smoke weed on mollies.
  5. most peple i knw smoke while rolling, never really had any problems.
  6. I never heard of mollies...sounds interesting...but then I again i've never takin X or anything with MDMA...and if it's stronger than X....then idk 'bout that one. lol.
  7. Molly is supposed to be pure MDMA, usually sold as a powder in a capsule, as opposed to the random cocktail of drugs you could possibly get from just buying an ecstacy pill, or "roll". It's the same chemical, just different concentrations of it.

    I've never had any problems mixing the two.
  8. Weed really doesn't negatively enhance anything.

    You'll be fine.
  9. The mollie I have taken was in its pure crystallized (very close to a powder, it also tastes bad) form and I don't think you will have a problem smoking after you take it.

  10. hahahaha.. you're supposed to blow molly man. its almost powder for a reason son
  11. #11 Duckyx, Jul 14, 2009
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    You can blow them, pop them or PLUG them. (stick them up your ass and get 100% of the pill into your system.) marijuana doesnt have negative side effects to perscription drugs or other recreation drugs. Marijuana is neutrual to all drugs. Why people say DONT smoke and do drugs. UM HelLLO!. marijuana helps a lot of drugs kick in faster when you smoke.

    but also molly, ecstacy, X, are different drugs. To tell you guys the truth. X is a HARDXCORE party drug. stronger in MDMA and more PURE. ecstacy is MDMA and other asorted drugs.(coke, herion, ibuprofains and assortments) Some times or just bogus pill with NO mdma. But usually main ingrediate is MDMA. Molly is the Powder form of MDMA, but doesnt mean its pure. can be mixxed.
  12. You should slap the guy who told you a (guy went blind smoking and doing mollies). If anything he went blind from the mollies and the cutting agent that was used. Also mollies are pure mdma and excatsy has a ton of shit in it. I would have a test kit to make sure it was pure. Know your drugs before you do them.
  13. last time i rolled i smoked 2 bowls then poped my ex

  14. I took 3 FIRE rolls at StarScape and smoked a bowl every 20-30 minutes or so, and i felt GREAT :D
  15. Yeah, I say it is. In Cali my friends and I rolled on Mollies, smoking before, during and after. Real fun.
  16. i usually dont smoke on x until the rolls about 3/4 over cause i feel its a waste of a roll but nothings gonna happen to u
  17. lol the guy who went blind and smoked probably was taking bleach...

    ive smoked and rolled many times...its fun

    but i keep to the green now...cuz that chemical shit is just no good
    All natural baby...coke and weed :)
  18. only thing i've ever heard that of that weed has a negative effect on is tokin after 1 or 2 hits of DMT or snortin some coke before or after a few tokes
  19. BREAD and BUTTER my friend.

    Just be careful, you smoke like you breathe air when you're rolling, you'll go through a lot, quickly.

    Have fun!

  20. What? You're mistaken with your teminology.

    Molly, ecstasy, X, are all terms that refer to the drug MDMA, meaning officially they're all the same drug. There is no difference between them, unless they are cut with other drugs, but that doesnt create a new drug its just MDMA + whatever its cut with.
    Molly is supposed to be the term for pure powder form mdma, of course its only really molly if its really only mdma.

    See, X isnt "stronger than mdma and more pure", that makes absolutely no sense. If its stronger than MDMA, its not mdma its something else. But X does refer to mdma pills. Same with ecstasy: ecstasy is MDMA, if its cut with something, then its ecstasy cut with something.

    People cut pills, but that doesnt mean thats what the slang name of that drug refers to. All the names referring to mdma- rolls, xtc, X, molly, disco buiscuits, whatever, refer to PURE MDMA. If they're cut, then they're cut, its not like they're supposed to be cut with something.

    You see what I mean or am I confusing you?

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