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Safe to smoke out of???

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by CapiTurtle, Mar 29, 2016.

  1. So I'm tryna make a home made bong from one of those Vegas souvenir cups and as a bowl I wanted to use the metal tip from a pen. Is that safe? It's like a "gold" colored metal but I burned it (by candle flame if that's different then a bic somehow) and nothing happened. It didn't smell weird of burn. Is just got this black residue that I assume was soot on it? I wiped it right off. But when I ran the flame through it it would let off a stream of black smoke but again no smell or anything?
  2. Sounds like melted plastic, not safe. Buy a $5 pipe.
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  3. Gonna have to agree wholeheartedly on this one. Whatever that contraption you are referring to is, it sounds like potential for some real problems. I've had odd shit get melted or burn and cause wicked bunk smoke on a few shitty homemades I smoked through back in the day, and let me tell you that shit ain't fun to deal with after. Seeing as it is not nearly as hard now as it was before to acquire glass, just take that option. Like he said, only $5 now can get you something serviceable, possibly from the front page of this site, I might add.:wave:

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  4. Not worth the health risk for a 2 hour stone. Or is it? No. No it's not.
  5. Yeah, metal doesn't burn from a candle flame. That's plastic. Don't smoke it. Also, those souvenir cups are cheap plastic and may not be the best thing to use either. Bongs that are "plastic" are actually acrylic. Cups are plastic and can have any number of chemicals coming off them as time goes by and they degrade, including BPA's
  6. If your in a bind and need a bowl use a socket from a socket wrench set I personally find a 7mm perfect sized

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  7. Bowls are like 10 bucks man

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