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Safe to smoke old weed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by oherroprease, Aug 22, 2011.

  1. So I was looking through this hookah case and there were weed "crumbs" everywhere, and I gathered enough for a one hitter so I can't really see if there is mold. This is probably years old and there was a little green bug crawling around in it. Is it safe to take that one hit?
  2. I would.

    You're not gonna die so do it.
  3. I wouldnt risk it for one hitter. Probably some bug shit/piss on there.
  4. Yeah man go for it. Probably not ideal but seriously, you never know how contaminated your bud is even to start with. Probably more than youd think (Unless you have a good hookup guy or friend/grower and know its origins from seed to sack haha) , and like. Dude, its one hit. If its such a small amount you cant see if there's mould, then it's too small an amount to be bothered about mould. Plus its been away from air and water, so...meh, its one hit man its not gonna do shit to you. But maybe buy some new weed, it might not taste great and you could have a normal one after =P

    Guy above me has a good point, though. Ew.
  5. haha...thc (cannabinol) breaks down over time....so if its been years..idk how potent it is..I would smoke it if i was fiending..but i mean you can smoke it, its not going to kill you or make you sick.
  6. dont be jonesing.... probably not worth it. its only one hit dude.
  7. This was a pretty airtight case and the bug was like the size of a grain of sand, well not that small but you know.
  8. Safe? Yes. Worth it? No.

    dude, old ass weed like that is probably nowhere near as potent as it was years ago, if its potent at all. Plus, its a single hit. The only thing you'd be achieving is placebo.
  9. So did you hit that?
  10. If it was a bag you found from the 70s i'd say let live and do it. It's only one hit though its not even worth it, just spend $5 and save the trouble, as there are small possibilities. Obama care isn't that good you know? And anything lying unsealed is unsafe to eat (so smoke). Like if you left a slice of pizza there, assuming the ingredients were un-expirable (like pizza hut. heyoooo).

    It's safe just like food off the ground, but not a good idea. No expert on it*
  11. Shit was nasty and it feels like someone shit in my throat. When I used the sploof, it turned the dryer sheets brown, can't imagine what that did to my lungs.
  12. did you check the expiration date?

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