Safe to smoke from end of cable?

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  1. Hey guys, first thread here but I have been looking around or quite some time. Recently I lost my piece to the police and need a new way to enjoy my herbs, I have a bong I made out of ceramic coated in food safe glaze, so that isnt a problem, but the bowl for it used to be the bowl for my pipe which was taken. I made a new bowl out of the end of a coaxial cable (the cable that brings cable to your TV) its a deep one and fairly wide, for the screen I found a flat pebble and cut it down to fit perfectly in the bottom to allow air to flow but not bits of plant. Im wondering if using this new bowl is safe, mainly because I heard the connector was made of aluminum but its really thick so I was just wondering if it was safe.
    Thats the connector I was talking about, mine is deeper and more circular but you get the idea. Naturally I removed it from the cable, it fits perfectly in the downstem I made.
  2. Smoking out of any metallic pipe is inherently unsafe. I wouldn't use the end of coax though to be honest it's not designed for heating and could leach off noxious/toxic materials.
  3. I agree, I just wanted some other opinions. Plus, its all I have to smoke out of since I cant afford a new pipe. Though I thought brass and steel were safe, this thing honestly feels like steel too.
  4. It's not safe.
  5. Alright, thanks guys. What are some alternatives I can use? I dont have much, basically what you would normally find at a house. No wrench sockets though :(
  6. You can get a cheap import spoon for like $5 at a headshop. Why risk smoking out of household materials?
  7. Unfortunatley I dont live near any headshops nor do i have any money to spend on things, even if its 5$. I owe 600$ and all the money I get goes towards that. So it needs to be household stuff.
  8. So how do you buy bud?
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