Safe to smoke after a tooth extraction?

Discussion in 'General' started by MarijuanaFlux, Feb 10, 2014.

  1. I had a tooth pulled on Saturday that wont mess up the area and give me dry socket will it?

  2. well, it only happens in something like 5% of tooth extractions, but dude... honestly I have never had any worse pain in my life than when I had dry sockets from smoking a few days after
    up to you if it's worth it or not.  For some reason they wouldn't renew my vicodin prescription when I got dry socket and I had already taken them all. sucked.
  3. Had yeah prob not worth it then.  I do have a vape so would that be safer?
  4. I' ve smoked like 10mins after getting my teeth pulled I just pack it with gaze and tried not to pull on the spliff to hard and I was fine :smoking:
  5. Vapes is safer. But small puffs and absolutely no coughing or deep holding. The pressure you create can loosen the clot. And rinse with some lukewarm salt water after.
  6. Make sure to cover the hole

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  7. Dont do it man, i read up a lot on this subject (i had a root canal)

    Just take whatever pills they prescribed you
  8. I have had 8 extractions within the last year and after giving them a full day to heal up a bit I resumed smoking but only small hits and I would keep gauze packed in the hole
    My buddy got excessive bleeding after his wisdom teeth extraction because he smoke.  He had to go to the doctors to get it under control.  After that everyone blew him shotgun hits and he gently inhaled and said he got pretty toked.
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    I wouldn't do it
    I can share my experience...
    Dry Socket Sucks !
    if you do though...
    don't just keep gauze in the hole... CONSTANTLY change the gauze !
  11. Dry socket blows. Give it a few days at least. 

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