Safe to salvage THC oil from melted pen cartridge?

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by Nivas420, Aug 29, 2019.

  1. SWIM was growing annoyed with a broken pen and decided to try and heat a THC oil cartridge with a torch lighter. SWIM quickly realized this was a horrible idea.

    According to quick research, the oil was likely mixed with something that would become a carcinogen when burnt to high temperatures. SWIM had also forgotten that the cartridge was plastic (not glass and medal) so the plastic tube melted and the butt of the cartridge with the coil detached from the rest.

    The main concern here is the carcinogens from the melted plastic and cutting agent. If the oil is still in tact and the plastic casing did not melt enough to allow the oil to leak out, would the oil still be safe? My logic is that there is little to no oxygen in the cartridge, so perhaps it was impossible for carcinogens to affect the oil inside? Could this oil be moved to another cartridge? Or is it contaminated from being heated to such high temperatures/being in contact with somewhat melted plastic? Thanks!

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  2. SWIM (someone who IS me) thinks that this person should cut their losses and throw the cart away.
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  3. in my opinion; if you're worried, it's not worth the stress or the effort or the risk
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