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Safe to pass a pipe?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by lupac, Jun 3, 2009.

  1. Hi, I'm a newbie smoker and I was wondering, I sometimes find myself smoking with people I don't know too well, and I get nervous about passing the pipe, blunt, joint, etc. for fear of maybe getting HIV/AIDS or some other STD, due to the smoking device being in someone else's mouth. Is this something I should be worried about? I know if someone does have an STD, if you ask them they'll usually say they don't. Thanks.
  2. STD = Sexually Transmitted Disease

    Smoking is NOT Sex :rolleyes:

    I've never heard or experienced even a cold being transmitted by sharing a bowl or joint. Its more likely to happen via uncovered coughing/hand shakes/sharing a bedroom.

    So no, you have nothing to worry about and stay in school!
  3. probably the worst chance of getting sick while smoking is if someone gets the bowl wet when they hit it, which they would have to really slober on it. then, i'm guessing you would wipe it off. that or clambaking in a really small, enclosed space where you would breathe in their germs through the air. smoking is pretty safe that way
  4. If you're seriously that worried about germs and bacteria and whatnot, simply use your lighter and run the flame over the mouthpiece of whatever piece you're using, then wipe it off. There you go, clean and safe!
  5. its a non-issue man, just like you cant get an STD from sitting on a public toilet.

    grow some balls.


    HAHAHHAA now that i read your post again after my quick reply it just really hit me how fuckin hilarious this whole topic is
  6. #6 LI_NY, Jun 3, 2009
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    this will definitely get you some awkward stares and possibly turn the others in cypher away from smoking with you again but if that makes you feel better then do what you gotta do.

    if its a moist tip of a blunt or joint you should tell them to stop sucking on it, its not a lollipop.. in such case it warrants a definite use of lighter to dry the pull part.


    if you're that worried about catching something then you probably shouldn't be smoking with other people at all..

    edit: or just build a plastic bubble. 'cause you never know what's in the air the rest of us breathe
  7. oral herpes can be contracted through passing of a blunt/joint/pipe/bong. if you don't want cold sores for the rest of your life make sure the people you smoke with are clean.
  8. I say if anything, oral herpies is the ONLY thing that can be transfered during smoking. but if someone has cold sores all round there mouth or even one. Im not letting them touch my weed loaded device.
  9. I thought this was going to be one of those " I got pulled over and swallowed my pipe so I would not go to jail" threads..


  10. You can't get HIV/AIDS from swapping spit from someone kid, whether that's sharing a pipe or a drink, or kissing them. Didn't you pay attention in school?

  11. for the win:hello:
  12. It's never been something I do regularly but I do know some people that do. Does seem strange to me, but if it makes people feel safer then I'm all for that.. it doesn't bother me. :)
  13. I have a friend that quickly runs a lighter over the part you hit from. It's worth a shot if you like to keep things clean.
  14. Thanks.
  15. I routinely smoked with someone who had AIDS and never caught anything. I would like to state with 100% certainty that you can and will not catch anything by sharing a pipe with someone who has HIV or AIDS.

    I don't know why this comes up so much with people, but yeah...not gonna happen.
  16. You won't get any STDs.

    Even smoking weed doesn't measure up to sex.

  17. LMAO +rep
  18. Because I have OCD. (Like, really bad, used to go to a doctor OCD.) And I really didn't know if you could get AIDS from smoking with someone or not. Thanks again.
  19. Well it all depends on which STD's you are talking about.

    You can't get a Sexually Transmitted Disease when you are sharing a pipe.

    But you sure can get a Smokes Transmitted Disease. Some of the symptoms include blood shot eyes, uncontrollable laughter, a sleepy feeling, hunger, and feeling relaxed.
  20. I always run the lighter over the mouth piece, its just a precaution. I mean if it makes you safer why not do it?

    Im not even that worried about catching something from passing a pipe but that doesnt mean im not still safe about it.

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