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Safe To Leave In A Car All Day?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by CallmeFadedAmy, Jun 13, 2013.

  1. Alright hey guys, my guy HAS to get rid of his stash tomorrow midday so I told him i'd buy an eighth and then I remembered I have to work all day tomorrow. So I'm gonna get it at like 9am and be home at like 8pm. If i keep it in an airtight container and hidden out of sight, I should have no problem leaving it in my car all day right? I'm not too worried about the THC, I'm worried that you'll be able to smell it and I'll get caught or something? idk, he lives like half an hour away and I don't want to have to drive home before going to work because that would be completely out of my way, I will if I have to but I just want to know if it's a good idea leaving an eighth in my car at a mall parking lot in an airtight container out of sight for like 9 hours.

  2. you should be good just obey road rules and what not
  3. I'd put it in the trunk so that it doesn't stink up the inside of your car just in case you get pulled over on your way home from work. Whenever I leave the dispensary I put my meds straight in the trunk, not only cause it's the law, but because it makes sense.
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    When you say air-tight I hope you mean a Mason jar.
  5. stuff it in a little hidy place in the car and you should be all set
  6. keep it in the door thing where you put maps reciepts crumbs n shit i gtg my gf need a eating out sorry blades
  7. throw it in a soda bottle (empty of course) no smell leaking at all you'll be good

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