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Safe to Keep buying from him

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by 420 High Times, Sep 13, 2009.

  1. So I know a few people who sell together. Apparantly one of them got busted by the cops and have been following him for a long time. Word is so far that he is arrested. Not sure what he's getting charged w/ though. But the co-seller didnt get caught or anything. But he says he's dosnt know if they were following him at all. Should I keep buying from this kid? He lives 2 mins away from me and we meet right around corner from his house. So its safe in that aspect, but he said cops tapped phones had his texts and everything. Would you still buy from this kid?
  2. No. Find another dealer until it cools down.

  3. in a word; no.

    IF the co-seller is already in cuffs, that could mean a couple things, IMO;

    They could be just waiting for this other kid to dig his hole a little deeper, so they can bring him in too. If that's the case, your next buy could be their next bust.

    Also, the incarcerated one may or may not have given critical info to the police after his bust.
    You wouldn't know this for sure, sadly, till your in the back of a cruiser yourself.

    If they have tapped his phone, and got his texts, you most likely have no idea what kind of info they picked up from this. Which brings us back to them waiting for the other kid to keep selling, so they can hit him.

    Even if you have no backup option, my advice is to start looking. Fast. I wouldn't keep putting in face time with this scene if I were you. You'll have a better chance yourself of staying on the streets if you do so now.

  4. I'm gonna say lay low for awhile. You never know, the other guy could sell out for a plea bargain. I wouldn't take the chance.
  5. Cops cannot tap phones without a Federal court order. Unless your friends are moving literally tons of bud, I doubt the Feds would even consider it. I was caught with quite a load, several 100 plants, and a lot of LSD, not a few 1000, much more. My phones were never once tapped in the entire 18 months the investiogation took place, and yes, I would know, b/c it has to be in the Motion of Discovery which is presented to the Grand Jury.

    I can't say whether you should buy from them anymore, but I can say he/she is full of shit on the phone taps. And just to squash those who want to throw the old White Elephant patriot act in there, there still has ot be an order signed by a Federal Judge, communications like phone services and trunk lines, cell phone signals, these are all regulated by the Feds, so local law enforcement cannot just go in and tap the lines.
  6. prepaid cell phones ftw.
  7. Nope, dont want to get popped off like that, for all you know the guy arrested could snitch on his co-seller.
  8. Their not gonna go after you for buying, they're gonna want his supplier. Unless your picking up multiple P's at a time there's no need to worry.
  9. are you seriously asking this question?
  10. I wouldnt ever speak to that person again. If you bought from that guy and the cops were following him just assume that they have your picture name and car tags recorded.Also if they were really following him they know about his co dealer they may be trying to find the main suppler or other dealers. In this situation assume the worse and hope for the best never buy from someone when the police are that close.
  11. I would stop smoking for awhile so you don't get anybody else in trouble. How much do you buy from this kid when need some?

  12. Yeah man, that's true, what happens if you get caught buying a milf in the kitchen? (check 420 High Time's sig)

    Stop buying from these people, even if you have a bad back up use him/her since it's better to lay low for a while and have okay weed than getting caught and going to jail.
  13. the second you see or smell cops walk the other way, metaphorically of course, if you're sure you don't want to get caught, alienate yourself.
  14. unless the cops decide to pop the guy at the exact moment that you go to pick up, then i think you're good
  15. this happened here before. id say the co dealers either snitching or hes next
  16. seen that scene many times before chances are 8/10 your other buddies goin down advice tell your dealer your tryin to quit keep in contact...and find another dealer who's not affilated with him at all at least untill the heat go's down it's not cool gettin busted for being ignorant not to say you are but it would be very to continue to buy from him in my opinion it's ignorant for the "co-seller" to continue to sell knowin his hommie's locked up
  17. First of all, if you're the end user, then you're really small fish to the cops, they aren't looking to bust you, unless you're selling too.

    BUT, if your source has been compromised, it's best to find a new one, that's just common sense. Time to burn ties with that guy
  18. UPDATE:

    well I guess cops knew a lot about the kid that went down. Had his texts and shit. The other co-dealer got rid of the last of his shit and is laying low for awhile. But he gave me his connect so Im basically set. (And getting cheaper prices maybe) But they may drop charges if the kid who got arrested sells out his boy. So who knows what he is going to do there.

    What would you guys do?
  19. what do you mean what would you do, You got his connect problem solved who cares.:wave:

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