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Safe to drink expired coffee?

Discussion in 'General' started by B_herb420, Aug 2, 2010.

  1. What's up, guys? Thought I'd ask a question.

    I bought two little sample packs of some good ass coffee(grounds). And, one of them says "Best Buy 12/2009". wtf. Should I still drink it?
  2. do what you gotta do bro
  3. wait.. you bought ALREADY ground coffee that was past the expiration date?

    sorry to burst your bubble but when coffee is ground it only takes a few days, regardless if it was in an airtight container, the oils in the coffee will go rancid, and completely ruin the taste.

    this is why pre-ground coffee that you buy tastes slightly shittier than real coffee.

    seriously dude... buy a french press and a coffee grinder, grind the fucking beans for every batch, dont grind them a few days earlier to save time or buy already ground coffee.

    seriously, if you want a good cup of coffee, all it takes is a little effort...
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    Yeah, i'm about to buy a grinder, and some beans. But, I bought a couple little sample packs of the "freshly ground" coffee, that was right next to the beans. I thought they were bagged by the store or something. I'm thinking about returning it, and bitching, just to bitch.
  5. it's dried, ground, roasted plant product. are you serious? it won't be at its "best" but it will not do anything to you that it wouldnt do before that date.
  6. Well, yeah. But, it probably taste like shit.
  7. if they ground it that day than it should be good, but judging by the OP its waaay past rancid lol

  8. This.

    If it has an expiration date on it, then it's obvious the store didn't grind it. I'm assuming it's in a sealed package and what not? Yeah definitely return it, and put the money towards buying beans and a grinder. I just drink maxwell house preground coffee when i do drink coffee which is super rare, but the freshly ground bean coffee is so much better.
  9. No dude, that' shit's toxic. Whatever you do don't drink it.

    Naw, just playing. It's fine, it'll taste bad. I agree with everyone above who said to get a grinder. I didn't really think it made a difference before I got one, now I realize how much better freshly ground beans taste.
  10. just grinded up some DANK hawaiian coffee. so dank.
  11. :yummy:
  12. I also drink maxwell house. :D
    Nothing is better than some coffee and some nice bong hits.
  13. ^+rep for that if I could

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