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safe to blow smoke out window?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by newgrass, Mar 14, 2009.

  1. so i just smoked in my room and i just opened a window with a fan pointing out of part of it. i live on the second floor. my house is on the corner and im on the corner room of the house, which makes each of my windows are on 2 diff walls each face a street and they both get traffic. was just wondering if this was safe to open a window cuz the smell could maybe travel to the street?

    not sure if this made sense sorry
  2. Unless your worried about someone inside your house smelling, then its ok.
  3. Yeah no one outside will be able to smell it.
  4. I had a friend who had a neighbor that complained about the smoke. I believe he was rolling blunts so the smell was a lot stronger. Plus he lived in an apartment.
  5. [​IMG]
    close your window.
    these monsters are attracted to the smell of the devils lettuce.
  6. 90% of the time the smoke is gonna shoot straight back in the room when you are blowing it out the window anyway to be honest.
  7. i keep my window open a few hours before i smoke so the pressure is the same.
  8. well its all good this time. but just in the future. i meant i had already smoked and then i opened the window and fan after to air out the room.

    so it wouldnt be smelt like like 10 yard from the window? but up on second floor
  9. me and my brother always smoking in our front porch and its very tiny. there's about 10 windows in front of us that lead to outside and than like 4 behind us that lead into my house. but we just open the windows infront of us and blow the smoke out but the smoke always comes back in :laughing:. and than 10 minutes later the smell is gone :smoking:
  10. Put your fan so that its blowing out of the window. Spray a little scent on the fan then just blow into the back of the fan when you smoke.. The fan will blow the air out and will have minimal odor.
  11. I think people really over react about the smell thing...I dont even really worry about smell ..of course, I use a vape tho..
  12. They should rename this forum to paranoia city forums....

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