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  1. So i’m going to be renting a house and it’s most likely going to be too risky to grow there. I was thinking about buying a small place but the properties around the area are very expensive and i’m just trying to think of a good place I can do this. Only looking for 15-20 plant room, does anyone have any ideas? maybe a way to hide it completely from the landlord (seems far fetched i know) Was also thinking about buy a cheap mobile home and a cheap piece of land but then i’d have to get power and water and everything. just need some help brainstorming would be greatly appreciated
  2. Buy a wooden shed the nice ones look like a lil barn! For mowers ect. Keep it locked noone will know with good filtering
  3. Buy an old slide on camper the pickup can show up later maybe $500-$800
    note he can't enter without your permission but he can enter the house anytime
    with some short notice that will catch you out, but a locked camper is another story

    good luck
  4. For 15 - 20 plants, you need your own private property, preferably not in your name. Using an outbuilding on rented property will lead to questions. Like sure, a shed isn’t suspicious, but the power required for that size grow isn’t an unnoticeable addition should someone check the breaker box. Neither is the sound. Do what you will, fans make noise. Going to run a few thousand watts? You’re going to need a/c or some other cooling at least part of the year. Not to mention, outbuildings aren’t protected from search the same way as a primary home. Just too much to do on rented property imo.

    A mobile home on private land that is away from many neighbors would be your best low budget option if you can’t afford for anyone to learn about your hobby. Try to find an existing mobile or at least property that already has power and water as tap and connection fees can be crazy in some areas.

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