safe? or not smart?

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  1. i am currently growing three plants, one being an early budding female, a male with fulll sacks, and a seedling of a differnt strain. I kept the male because i was interested in possibly breeding the two strains if the purple strain(seedling) is a female. BUT the male is outside within like 50 feet of the female, is this unsafe? or should i move the male to avoid risking pollination
  2. move the male as far as possible or put a bag over the male to collect pollen and then you can use that pollen whenever you like, in this case, when the seedling develops. im not really sure how to store the pollen but probably in like an airtight jar or something of that sort
  3. having a male plant 50 feet is DEFINATLY NOT SAFE OR SMART!:smoke:
    If you cant put the male in its own grow room, you should try to put it somewhere FAR FAR WAY. I THINK male pollen can travel up to 2 miles in the right wind. but to really be sure you should get all the male pollen sacs and collect them in a plastic or paper bag to be frozen till u need it.:smoke:
  4. kill

    its prolly already dropped somepollen

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