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    So, I have amassed a much too large collection of glass pieces while in college, and my girlfriend has made it abundantly clear that the party is over (not that we are going to quite smoking, but that the collection is no longer going to be appreciated). Anyway, my roors, vapes and sentimental pieces are sticking around, but all my other pieces have to go. They are all super clean (just used Grunge Off), but they are used, which concerns me for selling them. Can I sell on craigslist if they are 100% clean? If not, where can I?

    Thanks guys, and if any of you are guys are interested in a local glass blower version of a Helix Pipe with 14mm ground joint for $60 pm me for pics. I also have a bamboo steam roller, small frosted glass green steam roller with rasta stripe around the front, and a small mushroom shaped pipe that I am selling for $10 a piece.
  2. Honestly you can sell them on craigslist if they are 100 percent clean, and even online if it is ridonkulously clean. I would say passing them off on offer sites such as, craigslist, kajiji, and even to local friends and acquantiences is your best bet. The collection will shrink over a long period of time, but don't rip yourself off. Don't be one of those guys that practically sells for retail either, that is just stupid and I hate that.
  3. is a great place. Normally the mods don't like links like this... but they like it even less when people try to sell glass here I'm sure.
  4. i have to pay money to get access to the forum??

    that sucks for me since i am in germany
  5. Thanks for all the help, I ended up posting on craigslist and ioffer. I have an album up of the few pieces I am trying to sell for anyone that is interested. Here is the main piece I am trying to sell.

  6. Best place:

    the street.

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