safe home made pipe?

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  1. im fresh out of money and dont have a pipe, i made a pen pipe wit an alluminum bowl, but thats not safe. how can i make one that is safe? i hav a trumpet mouth piece, how can i use that?
  2. just make a white boy, take a water bottle or some plastic container and melt a hole and put a wrench socket in there and if you want burn a hole for a carb. you could even try to use the trumpet piece instead of the wrench socket.
  3. I believe an Apple pipe is pretty safe, and works pretty well too.
  4. Any piece with metal or aluminum isnt exactly "safe", for safest and healthiest way to go listen to the poster above.

  5. For aluminum foil to be dangerous when smoked out of you need to use a torch and heat the foil a lot... A normal lighter isn't going to heat up the foil enough to produce any toxicity.
  6. False, a lighter can heat it up enough.
  7. Just make an apple pipe. Though you could probably make some kinda improvised bong with a water or pop bottle and the trumpet mouthpiece as a bowl. IDK how well the mouthpiece would do as a bowl though.
  8. Double false! Aluminum foil is 99.9% pure aluminum, and if you were stupid enough to leave the lighter on the tinfoil for over 10 seconds, the .1% that isn't aluminum is burnt off to non-toxic chemicals.

    If you want to make a quick bowl until you receive the funds to actually buy a proper piece, I suggest you make what I call a military piece (called military because me and my boys made them all the time in military camp). All you need is a metal pencil tip (where the eraser is) and a plastic shaft from a mechanical pencil. Simply take the metal part of the pencil, remove the eraser from it, and sterilize it real quick using a lighter. Crush it near the end to make a bowl-looking piece. Heat the plastic shaft near the end and stick the metal piece into the end. A picture follows:
    Load a full bowl, and only leave the lighter on it for 2-3 seconds so the plastic doesn't melt. There you go, a relatively safe piece made under 3 minutes without the need for a screen.
  9. When you use a lighter toxins are still matter how minimal....with extensive use over long periods of time it can be bad for your health.
  10. So when I use a lighter on aluminum foil toxins are released? Or are you just making a lame argument that using a lighter alone released toxins?

    Also, let me see your sources. Here's mine:
  11. Make a wooden bowl. Or pipe. Get a saw, a chunk of wood and a drill bit, and you're all set. I used to make them all the time when I was too young to buy a real piece. Then use the little metal bit from an iPod earphone (or other brand, those are just what was more commonly available) as a screen, but if you do it right, you shouldn't need one. Another plus to these, is that you make them to look however you want. I like 'em and still smoke out of them occasionally for old times sake.
  12. Make a bong all u need is a plastic bottle hose and tin foil.
  13. ^ its not safe to used plastic with unfiltered/cooled smoke. But i mean smoke isn't really 'safe' per say, it'd say the apple plan is your best bet.

    Or just buy a peice. I mean you can get a cheap spoon for like $10.

  14. Ye u gota put water aswell
  15. an apple is probably the safest homemade tool you can make
  16. go find some of that clay that you can put in an oven and make a pipe that way. its kinda cool cus you get to design your own pipe and even paint it with non toxic paint and shit like that or even put a metal bowl into it.

    so many options with clay

    or go to a hardware store... nobody is gonna notice a bunch of random brass joints and brass piping missing... lol. oh high school was fun
  17. Apple bowl, easy, simple, edible. :smoke:
  18. im making a clay pipe. ill post on here after i use it, right now it is hardening so itll be a bit...
  19. Not one person has mention a Soda can ? Thats one of the oldest , cheapest pipes there is !

    Have used them thousands of times over the years when i needed a quick disposable pipe , or other various reasons.
  20. Not healthy, at all.

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