Safe Haven Act

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    You know what mommy used to tell you when you used to be bad

    "I am going to send you to the orphanage if you don't be good."

    Well Nebraska is actually going to allow that.

    They are taking away that pesky illegal part of it...,2933,409262,00.html
  2. Thats the stupidest shit ever.
  3. That's really sad that any parent would want to abandon their child, but it's better then some of the alternatives. :(
  4. whatever can get your kids to do what they're told
  5. im adopted....i hate my life.
  6. what was that movie where a girl goes to a group home and gets penetrated by a broom stick by a bunch of other girls. . .

    think it was on lifetime.

  7. Annie: The Director's Cut?
  8. This act deserves a nice:

  9. I can understand the safe haven act for newborns. Better have the kid in a hospital rather than a dumpster. But all the way up to 19?
  10. I guess parents abandoning there children is really popular in the state.
  11. Bedknobs and Broomsticks?

  12. That looks familiar. Cite your source, god damnit!
  13. I found this on fox news and I did sight my source.
  14. Oh, my bad. It's just this story from Fark that linked to the same FoxNews article that you linked to had a "headline" very similar to what you wrote.

    "Remember how mom used to threaten to give you to an orphanage if you misbehaved? And then you got older and found out that it would have been illegal? Nebraska has decided to get rid of that pesky "illegal" part"

    Crazy Coincidences :rolleyes:
  15. Oh, for the love of...

    If you have a child that you do not want to abort which you cannot afford, give them a decent life early and put them up for adoption before they're old enough to remember you. I can only imagine how a kid between four and... fuck, seventeen... would feel if he realized that his parents never wanted him after all, threw him in the back of a van and dropped him off at the hospital.

    "Have a nice life, Timmy!"

    I found it on Fark, I am sorry.
  17. lol 'sall good
  18. one time i stayed out in the woods all day and my dad got really pissed for whatever reason, and told me to grab some of my things and that he was taking me to the orphanage.. we got in the car n started driving n everything

    it was really traumatic as a child, and i always thought of my dad differently after that

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