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  1. pretty much i've found that vicks 44 dry cough is the best way to trip on dxm, each bottle contains 360mg of dxm with no acetometaphin, or guefannasin or however you spell those 2. anyways, the only active ingerdiant is dxm so it looks pretty safe. just puttin this out there if your lookin to try dxm and worried about the other active ingredients.
  2. cool what are the effects of dxm alone? my friend said it made his skin burn after he had a decent trip with more visuals than expected. I have been thinking about trying this but I am still leery of the effects of dxm, any report of the stuff in this particular product?
  3. check out
  4. ssh, i am too high to start reading that much, I always go on there and get lost reading countless trip reports and studies for each drug, not tonight though. I will not go into erowid mode with dxm, just gimme the facts, how was it for ya and do you have a dosage you can recommend for first timer?
  5. if you drink a whole bottle you will get a pretty good trip, id recomend about 3/4 for ur first time. yeah, u get a little itchy and hot on it, but it ussually goes away after about 30 min.
  6. Yeah there are a few syrups and capsules still around with nothing but DXM. The only drawback left with those is that they'll still upset your stomach from drinking that much nasty liquid and leave you with cough-syrup burps.

    The most enjoyable way to do DXM is lemon drops, by far, since you only need to swallow one capsule.

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