Safe and healthy homemade bong for $3.

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    Here we go, my fellow tokers!

    Because Sobe discontinued their glass bottles, I went to Jewel this summer to find an alternative glass bottle to use in the making of an efficient and safe waterfall bong.

    I settled on a glass arizona bottle (the raspberry iced tea one) and set about making a few of these bad boys for myself and friends:


    Here's a quick guide:

    1) There's a small rectangular fadeaway indent near the bottom of the bottle on the side. The top left corner of this is radiused, which makes it ideal for drilling into. I used a dremel with a cutting bit to get an indent started in the glass, then drilled into it with a normal drill bit (diamond-tip works better) until I had a good sized indent in the glass. Then I tapped a medium sized nail into this indent with a hammer. This created a nice round hole for water to flow out of.

    WARNING: Do this gently!!! Also make sure you have a large enough indent or you'll end up with a jagged hole at the bottom. Also to be careful you should wear gloves and safety glasses while doing this. I never had any shards fly or cut me in my multiple attempts at creating this beauty but you never know.

    That was the hardest part, stick with me. :)

    2) Tap progressively larger nails or drill bits into the cap of the arizona bottle (to gradually increase the size of the hole in the cap) then gently hammer a correct sized brass socket into the cap when you have the right sized hole. If done correctly this is airtight, or close enough that it doesn't matter. You can also push down and in on the lid metal around the bottom of the socket once it's in place to improve airseal.

    3) Fill with water and use like a normal waterfall bong.

    In my image, I also had a cork in the top and a rubber stopper in the bottom hole so that I could transport the bong while full, but carrying a filled 16oz water bottle does the same job, and will be less likely to leak. The corks are for class points :cool:

    If anyone has questions feel free to post here and ask! This thing hits like a champ (I use maybe .05 per load and it's a huge bong rip each time), and two rips off of it will get you blazed. :smoke: By far the most efficient way of smoking I've found so far.

    Enjoy :smoke:
  2. Haha it's coming bro. Smoked out of it last night but couldn't get a good image because I was in my garage. I'll toke up again today when it's light out so I can get a good shot.

    Another quick tip which I thought of yesterday. Threaded sockets with a lip work much better to create a seal on this one—it's metal on metal which is safer, but doesn't melt to airtight like a plastic cap does.
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    Sorry this took so long (I didn't realize how little I smoke during the day until I tried to get the light for this milk shot. I'm going stoned to hapkido for this, blades ;) )—but here it is:


    So basically on this one I pushed the metal socket through the top of the lid like normal and then crimped the splayed edges on the bottom of the lid around the socket, making a perfect airtight seal. Also the hole is just large enough that when the bowl is packed tight, and the cherry finishes, there's enough water still to perc if you tilt the bottle slightly.

    So essentially this smoke was made by a 1 cm square bowl. :p
  4. these are pretty cool and a good way to get fucked up with little weed. that's too bad sobe had to stop making the glass bottles, those things were everywhere

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