Sads garden Coming dec 26th

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  1. Whats up GC :hello::smoke::smoke:. had a great outdoor grow this year and looking forward for next yearsthis coming april but until then i decided that i need to startup an indoor. im going to be doing 2 -3 autos of il diavlo in a grow box homemade with 2 150w hps and 5 42w 2700k cfls + 1 125w cfl . ill go over evreything else im using.


    organic pottig soil 45 year old mix 1 bag
    fox farm ocean forest 1 bag
    perlite 1bag
    peat moss
    fox farm light warrior 1 bag


    im going completley organic this time my outdoor i only went semi organic but i feel like organic is just the way to go

    AN mother earth super tea grow

    AN mother earth super tea bloom

    AN bud candy

    AN humic acid for foiler feeding

    AN seaweed extract.


    going to have 4 105 cfm fans. 2 will be for intake drawing air from inside the closet and the other 2 will be setup on the top corner inside the box aswell as the carbon filter attached with ducting to the 2 pc fans in a row so 210cfm than ducting will lead to a hole cut in the wall leading to my bedroomi have a window right by my closet asell so thatll help keep it cool im planning on running my lights at night and off during the day . ill have a dresser cover the exhaust hole so no one can see it. also will have some oscilating fans


    using RO water the hole time. ph will not really be monitered much . ppm aswell i just add my nutes properly and triple check and than go ahead and add them .


    the grow box is going to be about 3 feet wide by 2.5 and about 4.5- 5 feet tall .going to be using panda film iside the entire thing. the only things thall be in my closet are the box with the 2 lights plants contaienrs hangers and the cfls, 4 pc fans carbon filte and all the ducting for the exhaust leading back into my room . . i have to clean out my closet and buy eveything still but itll be here buy the 26th. the reason i have to keep the door shut is because i have my bed against my closet just incase anyone try to get in they cant.

    oncce i get the temps humidity in check wich will be easy cuz its cold where i am now. than ill gt the seedling going keep them under the 125w cfl for first 3 days then will get introduced to 150w hps . once theres quite a bit of foile ill add the other 150w hps.

    im hoping to get around 9oz or so. i would be happy with whatever the real fun is growing the plants.

    i think the 5 42w cfls and the 125w cfl will make a big diffrece . ive seen grows with just 4 42w cfls and its not to bad. im thinking since ill be feeding them completley organic nutes theyll yield me pre good. im dumping about 300 or so on this just so i can get it setup perfect.

    well ill update once i have evreything setup hopefully it all works out

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