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  1. :confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::confused::eek:


    Look at the maleage :( It was my biggest plant.
  2. However, the photo's did turn out nice, so here is a few more. It's a nice Camera.


  3. well if you want to be positive at least you have a whole of of seeds for the future?

    sorry man
  4. No, these are already chopped and in the shake bag. Speaking of which, I've never gotten a clear answer as to whether or not you can use the males for baking or oiling.
  5. you can use males to make hash, but you won't get much from a plant. i tried it once (iso hash), and got high a couple of times but to be honest it was more work than it was worth. but i'd say give it a go just to see for youself.

    if nothing else, you got some good experience growing. that plant, although male, looks super healthy.
  6. Thanks man. Kind words. I never thought to give myself credit for at least growing some healthy males.
  7. Males contain no THC worth mentioning. People who say they have got high off males are kids BSing.
    If you don´t want seeds, kill them quick.
  8. thats one mature didnt see it earlier?

  9. haha i know right??
  10. They were killed shortly after the photo was taken.

    The reason they got so mature was because 2 weeks ago 2 of my 6 plants were showing signs of sex, and there was too clearly visible males then. So they were torn out, so I just assumed all of these plants were the same strain and showed the same signs of sex at the same time. Which they do not obviously.

    I've never seen a pre-flower or a pre-bud so I just kept waiting to see if it would turn into one. But then obviously I woke up one morning and thought they are clearly male. :confused:
  11. I hear ya man... no worries... now you know.. if she doesnt show a white V.... hes a dick
  12. So sorry to hear about your males :(

    I am glad that you took a few good macro pictures however. This will definitely help me and no doubt others determine sex in the future. I just started 12/12 yesterday on my first grow (2 moths veg) and I only have one plant so....I'm either going to be really happy so on or really depressed.

    I hope the rest of your plants turn out well and as others have said, be proud that you were able to grow such a healthy plant. Your grow setup is obviously working wonderfully for you so you are all set up for the future.
  13. Thanks dudes, I'm pretty sure my last two plants are definitely female. They actually smell completely different than the males did too. I'm content for now.
  14. I hate males,it fucks me off like nothing else can.Good luck with the rest of your grow :smoke:
  15. Thanks man.

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