sadly grasscity still ignores my support requests

Discussion in 'General Forum Feedback' started by Cims, Jul 21, 2003.

  1. Order#: 018669

    I started sending them a few weeks ago. It took awhile to get my order since the bong i ordered got out-of-stock (when i ordered it, it was in-stock but the website wasn't posted on time) I received my package with a differnt glass bong than i ordered. To me it wasn't to par with the one I wanted. I think its crappy that I got a bong I didn't order. I would have just said okay ill take it since im not going to complain over this, but I cant even use it because both bowls that shipped with the bong broke from what I can see from poor packaging (the bong was on the bottom of the box laying on the hard bottom so the glass bowls shattered) The bong itself did not break, but the glass bowl with the tube that sticks in the actuall bong bowl hole broke and the extra bowl that was extra large broke also.. they were in separate packages..

    All I want is for them to send me the same bowls but new so i can use my bong, I ordered this back in early june and I must say I regret it. This is by far the worst online shopping experience ive had. I dont know what to do since they arnt responding to me. I would rather not call them since they DO NOT have a toll-free phone number. i'de love to be able to get my near $50 back for the bong and ship them the bong back and the broken peices of the bong bowls. Its like talking to a brick wall here :(.

    I just thought people should see what experience i had and hopefully get some helpful input.

    -an unhappy customer


    I wanted to add that I am not telling people not to buy from here, they seem like they have a nice selection and the site is nice. I just got bad luck. I HOPE they arn't ignoring me but are to busy, maybe they need more staff members to read support requests. I would prefer to send the bong back because technichally I did not order this bong, mine went out of stock but when I ordered it it was not. So i am stuck here with a bong and the bong's broken bowls. (which are sitting in the box waiting to see what happens)

    1. i get the same bowls that came with it, which i think might be hard since they might not know what bong they even gave me
    2. I would prefer to ship it back to them and they refund me in paypal end of story...

    I should add i am a happy with my magic glass bowl spoon.
  2. Have you tried to PM SJ??

    I am PMing SJ with this thread right now..

    We do appologise for the problems.. I'm sure the problem will be solved soon..
  3. I just PM'd Super J with your complaint. No one is ignoring you. Just give him a day or so to get this PM. The time is quite different there.

    I guarantee that this situation can be resolved.
  4. Okay thanks guys, I don't want to look like a punk whos dissing the site but I just want to be helped.

    I'll be alert on a response
  5. The people who run the shop and own the site are extremely busy.. I am sure they are not ignoring you... It takes time to answer all the e-mails and support mails..

    I'm sure you will be answered soon!!

  6. First of all my apologies for not returning your support request, just today we have noticed a bug in the ystem that might prevent functioning of the support request, however I agree that is very unfurtunoate that you received the wrong bong, however we cannot send you that one because it is out of stock, what we can do is send you a new one which you already received broken plus some extra's to compensate for our mistake, or we will refund you the money for the incorrect one, you don't need it to send it back, that's a waste of your money. I hope we can settle this like this, let me know and again our sincere aplogies for this inconvinience!


  7. Apologies accepted. I understand. I would personally prefer that I could get credited for the $46.00 that I paid. My paypal account is

    Thanks for the support!
    -Tim Herremans Jr.

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