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    Hey guys finally got everything to start up.
    Lighting:two hlg saber 100s (will be adding hlg 320xl Rspec in a couple weeks)
    Medium:bubble buckets
    IMG_20190627_080123.jpg IMG_20190628_204124.jpg

    Haha sorry I work graveyard and was asleep when they delivered clones. So could only take pics with lights off because I was heading to work. Two clones pineapple upside down cake and the Bling. Still need to add in inline fan with exhaust. Also clip fans and ppm meter coming in the mail.
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  2. I only started with 2 because I only have the two sabers at the morning but adding hlg 320xl Rspec before flower. Next grow will be doing 4 plants and probably seeds.
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  3. Ok, I'll bite. I'll tag along if you don't mind. :thumbsup:
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  4. Hell yeah man. Definitely more experience outdoors so this will be interesting. Really not too much experience dwc either. However indoor buds are much more potent and higher terpene profiles so very excited.
  5. Feet propped up popcorn in hand lets see the show!

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  6. Pretty surprised the output of the sabers alone. Hooked up to a driver that can power four of them apparently. So little overkill.
  7. Also had the water levels a little above the net pots. I scooped out water until just below the netting.
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  8. I'm currently in between grows myself. In the meantime, watching other hydro growers seems to help with my anxiety of not being able to currently grow lol. :popcorn:
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  9. I'm in. Liking those lights. Very sexy.
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  10. I'll watch and be critical! lol just kidding, all fun n games :D
  11. I plan on going extremely light with nutrients. Rather have a finished product the a nutrient burnt plant haha.
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  12. Working that graveyard shift making that money.
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  13. Graveyard all the way.
  14. Good luck my man, will pull up a chair and follow along :popcorn:
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  15. Nice told my boss I got a new puppy and set up indoor grow so only have to do 12 hours today. I swear Humboldt county is another world where bosses are used to that.
  16. And here are the babies in light. No drooping on the clones after transplant so guess they are going strong.
    Pineapple upside down cake
    The Bling
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  17. Plants seem to responding well to the transplant. So I started last for them. After they adjust and start growing upwards I will top.
    IMG_20190629_152020.jpg IMG_20190629_152025.jpg
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  18. Both going strong so far and already recovered from transplant and LST. Will be topping soon.
    The Bling
    IMG_20190630_095033.jpg pineapple upside down cake
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  19. I rinsed off some more hydrogen pellets and covered up the rockwool. I may lower the lights some too. Still no root penetration through netting pots.
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