Saddest grow ever

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  1. So the entire operation had to be split up due to some effed up laws that our stupid city put inplace reguarding legal grows. So here is my First GJ but not the first grow.

    Everything was in disarray and is just now getting organized again in a new location. Basicly had to start everything over again from seed while setting everything up.:(

    Disclaimer: I don't know all the facts nor do I claim to this is just how it works for me.

    Only pic of last round

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  2. Sprouts:

    2 Cheese 4 Caramelicious

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  3. i dont know , look good to mee :D
  4. Week 1

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  5. Week 2

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  6. Nice man. Lots of growth from week 1 to week 2.
    keep it up and keep us posted.
  7. Cloning for sexing. This is where it gets sad. only two girls, plus two female clones that were taken after flowering and jammed in some crap dirt. (MG moister control= complete garbage)

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  8. here is week 3-6 only two of the girls remain for bud production the two others will be taken out in a little bit for pollen collection, and the two little ones are se to be mothers.

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  9. Day one flowering.

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  10. Week one flowering. All the males are going to be moved out today, and two topped females and one uncut female remain. There are two really little gals in there too but they are soley for seed production and have already been pollinated, we started two more Caramelicious seeds in the veg room and six clones were taken off the mother cheese plant. so the next grow will be from flowering on but will contain 6 cheese plants and as many Caramelicious plants as I can get from the seeds currently in the veg room. Going to have to clean up the veg room before I post pics of any mothers or new clones. Will update the week 2 pic on tuesday.

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  11. doesn't look that sad to me bro! What's your setup, like soil, nutes, lights? Unless you already posted that info somewhere else, in which case send me the link.
  12. sad cause normally that room would be packed.

    1000W hps/mh
    FF tiger bloom/FF big bloom/some other organic crap(8-0-0)
    sta-green garden soil mixed with perlite(SP)
    AC cooled

  13. no way dude, you'll have that spaced filled out soon enough :smoke:
  14. Week two flowering is not so good, went in to take pics and found this. I am guessing it is a nitrogen def. as the other plant not pictures is way worse off and has leaves that have fallen off. It started as shown and worked it's way back up the leaves til it was yellow and fell off. there was some slight signs of over fert. so I flushed with ph neutral water and gave them a a 1/2 dose of a 1-1-1 fert.

    Any body that disagrees with either my diagnosis or solution please pipe up as I would like to get this under control ASAP.

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  15. Looks like Nitro Deff to me.

    Your girls are looking nice, sucks about having to start over though :(
  16. I agree it looks like a nute def, but tell us a bit more about how you've been feeding and what your runoff pH has been.

    Sometimes plants don't store enough N in veg and so have an early onset of the typical mid-flower N def. If this is what's happening with your plants then you have to walk a fine line -- let it deplete of N and it could do OK through to finish but could suffer, but adding N now could retard bud development. You might want to try to toe the line by giving a mixture of ferts the next week or two only -- instead of following the flower regimen create a mix of half flower regimen and half veg regimen, as a way to boost the N a little bit. And by creating a mix, I mean that the total ferts you give still adds up to the same amount, not to give 100% of one plus 100% of the other.
  17. during veg they were on a 1-1-1 ratio and everything was fine. PH was 6.5 after the switch to flowering they did receive the first flow nut. (FF BigBloom 0.01-0.3-0.7) a week into it, PH was the same then too. This was the first time I used FFBB so I only gave them 1/2 strength. Yesterday before/start of the flush the ph was 7.5 and there was a couple leaves starting to yellow on one and the other had a bunch of the lower leaves that were yellow and laying in the pot (the control plant is in perfect health) after the flush the PH was back down to 6.7 which I can deal with.

    my feeding schedule is
    FFBB once a week @ 2tspb per gallon (sunday)
    rain water twice a week if it pass PH inspection normally it is 6.5 to 6.8 (Wed & Fri.)

    I have never used FFBB before but thought it would be a good idea to use it in the early stages of flowering because it had a lower N-P-K and wanted to ease them into the new fert. thinking that the FF Tiger bloom would be a harsh switch as it is 2-8-4 but it looks like I should have stuck with the TB as it contains way more nitrogen. The control plant recieves nothing but PH'ed rain water and 1-1-1 nut. is a clone of the one that took a real beating, I use her to help digagnose problems so I am not at all concerned with her yield.

    Thanks for you help and insite, that is why I love this site.
  18. how do I get this moved to grow journals?
  19. week three flowering, the plant to the left took a real beating during the nitrogen issue. but after treatment the rapid yellowing stopped. the plant on the right is th real keeper anyway and is going to be the mother for next round. The plant in the background is a clone of the plant on the right. no special feeding or anything helps gage problems, and gives a little to the yield.

    closer shots of the plant on the left and right in that order. Just now starting to form a bit.

    this is a tiny girl was a clone from a flowering plant taken 2 days before harvest, way late I know but alot of unexpected shit happened and I had to do something. She and another one that looks like her were pollinated with the strong male from the last crop. Taking it back to seed and starting over again fucking gay but better than nothing.

    and someone was asking about keeping a mother small with topping, so here is a pic I said she was under a foot but guess I lied on that and she is like 14 inches. she is pretty small and is the same as the plant in the right. there is clones cooking right now from her and I am sure I could pull lots more if needed. Please excuse the room, it was slapped together pretty quick, and is still in work.

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    Ok I lied I'm checking it out now,lol

    Them ones in the blue rocketed in a week,nice. Whats your veg set up?

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