Saddams new name

Discussion in 'General' started by nikidog11, Jun 14, 2003.

  1. Barney Rubble

    Do you know how hard it is to get DNA evidence from bone dust?

    We got to quit using them 3000 lb laser guided bunker busters on resturants like that it makes identifing that pink mist on the cement difficult
  2. Saddam is not stupid.. He is probably living down the street from you!!!!!!

    Don't sleep to sound, he might just gass your ass!!!!!
  3. You know living in the US you aint kidding brother,
    You should see some of the people in this neighborhood,
    This country will let ANYBODY in,
    People got there pantys wadded up about the worlds criminals and thugs,
    They aint seen nothing yet, when we start exporting some off the riff raff in the US look out,

    Insured by Browning BDA-380 +P Cor-Bon High Cap,
    Makes that "pink mist" Ive referred to,
  4. "This country will let ANYBODY in"

    too fuckin right.
    does anyone remember the fuss that was kicked off over here when they tried to let a old age war criminal settle down here?
    he shoulda just gone to the states....uhh... wait... i think he did actually. lol
    reminds me of what happened after WW2. they really do let in anyone!
  5. Yes Yes, once we rid the world off all the poor sick people, then we can start on the different religions, then we will have a master race of blonde eyed.......good looking......muscular......mmmmmm......what was I talking about again?
  6. You know, they say they got him with that missle, but he could have escaped. With as hard as it is to extract DNA from dust in a 60 foot crater they can say he was there but they can't prove it. They can make themselves look good with all there information networks and big ass bombs, but we don't know that Saddam just said "Fuck it. It's getting to hot in Iraq. I'm going underground." Our gov't just claims to have gotten him and everyone cheers.

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