Saddam Hussien Captured!!

Discussion in 'General' started by adamBC, Dec 14, 2003.

  1. Thats right! For anyone who hasnt heard he has been taken into custody by the states. He looks like shit, may his trial be swift, and his death be sloooooooooooow.....
  2. just seen it on fox news and he does look terrible
  3. He's serious. It's on CNN's front page.
  4. Bush must be happy with the war on terror. Tommy Chong, and Saddam Hussien have been arrested so far. But, I'm wondering, does Bin Laden even exist anymore? I'm guessing not, since we're out of middle eastern countries to invade.

  5. :D
  6. The US won't try him publicly. Elder BushKiller did too much bad stuff with Hussein in the 80's. The US gave him the chemicals the US were such pussies over in the 90's. He knows too much and will demand back pay from the US for being their employee. And this won't stop the US from getting killed there ..
  7. believe what you want but don't wish death on people, if you do that and mean it you're worse than anyone, Iraqi or American
  8. i seriously hope he diesn't get tried by the US. at the very least he should be tried by the UN at the international court in Den Haag.

    but ideally, he should be tried by his own people in Iraq.

    but.. haha. they found him in a hole. hahahaha.
  9. tryed

    come on where are you going to find a jury of his peers?

    who havent heard a single thing about him or the situations surrounding him?

    it cant be done ...unless you look for jurrers in holes like his...

    he is fucked

    any trial will be purely for show......

  10. I concur Dirty D.
  11. i belive it to be a damn shame that our rogue ocuntry thinks we can just track down and eventuely exacute other countries leaders. especialy great leaders liek saddam. you herd me..sound extreme? youv been brain washed my the multi-media horror, the rogue evil nation, which mudered a country and has now taken there leader to kill him. makes me sick.
  12. Bin Laden is on the back burner.. Bush doesn't like to talk about him anymore because he can't find him... Laden made a fool of Bush..

    Another reason why Bush ids going to keep Saddam in the news for a little while..

    Saddam will be tried by the UN's council I presume.. They can't pick just ordinary people for jurors in his case..

  13. lol...dont be a fool....

    they are telling you lies ...but not to the extent you think they are
  14. We have been unable to find Bin Laden, so we invade another country to boost popularity, and when we finally capture the country's leader (asshole, but still the leader) we call it a "victory in the war on terror!" Oh, by the way, Saddam is going to be tried during the 2004 presidential election.

    God Bless America.

    Right in the mouth.

  15. Saddam's a bad guy, make no mistake about that. But we helped him get to where he is and he has been made into the supreme-evil boogyman, which he is not. There are many leaders better than him and a few worse, but we pick and choose who to invade for convenience.

  16. i didnt wish death upon him. his death is inevitable. i wished that it be slow.

    i dont care about any propoganda bullshit or anything bush has been pushin. im living in canada, and up here we hate that fucker.

    yes there are worse leaders. but thats at a personable level. as a leader of IRAQ, saddam was a more important target. im glad hes gone with. the world will be a better place with him locked in a lil box.
  17. regardless of what any of us think ...hes fucked

    unless rambo or someone comes to his rescue

    he is most assuridly fucked

    maybe he can get a paaadon from da gooovanar....
  18. Check this link out...

    When you get into the videos, Scroll at the bottom for several stories.. A couple about trying Saddam.!s8.559_6217/82.c2975/2??cm=TodayOnMSN

  19. Actually i was reffering to a post by someone else that has since been altered, i don't know why. If I recall correctly he wished death on Americans in general.

    As for Saddam I don't support the death penalty in any circumstances, but I think he'd be a good candidate for the first person to be banished to the moon, Dubya would be second.
  20. On the moon, nerds get their pants pulled down and they are spanked with moon rocks.

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