Sad story...

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by D9_THC, Sep 16, 2002.

  1. I just met this dude, called Tony and I noticed he could roll a perfect king sized joint in about 10 seconds flat....

    I asked him how he learned to do it so well, and and he told me that his mother died when he was really young, but when she was alive, she had really bad arthritis so she couldn't roll for herself. And when he was six, his uncle taught him to roll for his mum :)

    I just wanted to share this with all of yooz.
  2. Damn, dude's been rollin' joints most of his life, that makes me feel bad and good at the same time.

    ps I once knew a guy named Roland Pahpers
  3. Hahah! That's a fucking awesome name!!
  4. Why is that a sad story? Im gonna teach my kid how to roll joints for me when he's 6.
  5. It's sad because his mum couldn't use her arms, so her son had to do it for her.

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