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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Haiku, May 22, 2010.

  1. Man, last night was supposed to be fun. I was going to be smoking out two people who have never smoked before, and was going to be generally very high. The first sad thing that happened is when I saw a crack running around the joint of my bong. I thought it was extremely sad, and decided to be careful with it. Unfortunately, once I got high I hit it a bit too hard and what do you know, the joint popped off and broke :(.

    The second reason I am sad is I was outside messing around and my friend went to pass me my spoon and I retardedly smacked it right out of his hand, where it landed on a bunch of rocks... and broke of course. Two pieces in one night, great. Then, we rolled a few blunts and joints cause the only other piece we had was a tiny spoon, and we go out back and smoke those. Well, both kids I was gonna smoke out fucking pussy out so I don't smoke with them, but I enjoy the blunts with a few other kids. Then we hear an official sounding voice at the front door and hear through the grape vine that someone is here, possibly cops. I'm high off my ass and don't know what the fuck is going on so myself and like 4 others all fucking bolted.

    We got in our cars and got the fuck out of there, but I felt really horrible because all the weed that night (1/2 o or so) was mine, and there was a plate of it just hanging out on the counter, so if I just peaced out and left them with all that shit I'd be such a dick. Anyway, couple hours later everything is better so I go back to pick up my shit and leave... but everything is moved. I don't really care about anything, except I want my fucking diffuser and a/c from my bong, and I'm worried someone tossed them out, especially the diffuser cause it had a chunk of the broken bong on it. Anyway I was like fuck it I was still kinda buggin out so I just drove the hour to get home trying not to fall asleep. Anyway, sorry if that rambled, but those are the first two pieces I have ever broken, and in the same night! Looks like it's going to be joints for a while for me haha:smoke:
  2. We need a happy story to counteract this sad one.
  3. dude that sucks good luck to you in the future
  4. Last bong I'm ever bringing to a party haha

  5. I found a pair of pants in my closet today that I haven't worn in years and there was 50 bucks in it :D

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