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sad story =(

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by PassTheDutch, Feb 3, 2004.

  1. sigh. ive been reading this forum for about a month or so but ive never really posted. but now as i lay in my room smoking the last of my bud i just felt like i hada tell you guys a story that happend this weekend.....

    well i got my RooR like 6 months ago and just have been burning on it every day since ( damn this is my sickest piece ). well i still live with my parents so they got kinda pissed when they finally noticed it in my room so they just took it one day when i wasnt home. FUCK! they didnt give it back to me this weekend but with one stipulation... i had to sell it. so i called up some kid who i knew wanted one, and he bought my baby. i sold him my bag, diffuser stem, regular stem, 2 bowls, and 2 screens...oh and it was the 18 inch straight pipe w/ icecatcher (without the flask bottom) for 240 bux. i bought a quarter like 10 minutes later and matched on a few blunts with some friends. Now im home laying in my bed and think i might as well smoke a few bowls before i go to sleep. so i go to my closet to pull out the RooR....fuck i forgot i sold it just early today. and my other pieces were in my car so i had to resort to making a tin foil bowl.......i cant believe it....i go from a RooR to a fuckin' tin foil piece of crap in 1 day.

    now thats my sad story

  2. Harsh dude. On the good side, at least your parents didn't trash that shit. My mom has yet to discover one of my nice pieces (i/o chillum, $64 bubbler, $75 bubbler, and my $170 4-footer w/ ice catcher and ash catcher), but she finds the occasional slide, or spoon.

    edit: what kind of roor was it? man, i've been jonesin' for a roor.
  3. what is a RooR?
    i'd spend that 200 bux on a double or triple barier bubbler or a hurricane bong, but i don't have 200bux.
  4. Damn that sucks, my next bong is going to be a roor, with an ice chamber........but at least they didn't smash it.......a bong taken away from you is still a bong and someone can get the use of smoking the fine cheeba from it........a smashed bong, is as much use as smashed lemonade bottle..........Peace out.........Sid
  5. Damn man that sounds like it should be made into a movie.
    It sucks when you have to part with a piece for whatever reasons. It seems that the only way to ease the pain is to buy another piece to get addicted to. Sorry to hear about your loss.

    Keep Tokin

  6. RooR is a brand of bongs, probably the best manufactured ones in the U.S. I don't know if I'd pay $200 bucks for one, but pretty close.

    Ahhhhh, wake-n-bake...
  7. Bummer Dude---at least they let you sell Parent would have broken it into a million pieces then handed it back to me....
  8. all my bong r tin foil so i can tru them away really fast if u need to and they take about 5 mins to make:)and they less detectable by the cops,if u have a prob wit tin foil then fuck u!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. uhh...
  10. you'll wish you'd have said fuck tinfoil when you get all sick and start puking and shit... and then get alzheimer's

  11. ahahah..'and then get alzhiemers'...heh
    nice toss in, whether its true or not..
  12. geez.
    Well, I think that kid is your new best friend so that way you can go over there and smoke from it all the time!
  13. iv been smoking for 10 years and i always use tin foil and i never get sick or anything

  14. give it time........Peace out.......Sid
  15. If you bake potatos in a fire with tinfoil, will you get sick? because i love my tinfoil potatos, mmm...

  16. oh yes the sidious is all wise and powerfull but i dont buy glass bongs cuz they work the same just cost more

  17. wait, your saying that tinfoil works just as well as glass??!


    I'm gonna have to go with Sid on this one too..

    Sucks about your roor PassTheDutch, nothing worse than losing a good piece. I've been wanting a roor for a while now, it may be this summer before I can justify the money for it though.


    Effect of aluminium-induced Alzheimer like condition on oxidative energy metabolism in rat liver, brain and heart mitochondria.
    - Swegert CV, Dave KR, Katyare SS
    Mech Ageing Dev 1999 Dec 7;112(1):27-42.

    Prolonged exposure of rats to aluminium (Al) can result in an Alzheimer-like condition. To get better insights into the biochemical defects underlying AD, senility and ageing we exposed rats for long durations (90-100 days) to soluble salt of aluminium (AlCl3) and checked its influence on mitochondrial respiratory activity in the liver, brain and heart. In the liver and brain mitochondria the ADP/O ratio was impaired with NAD+ linked substrates. State three respiration decreased with glutamate in the liver. For succinate, the ADP/O ratio decreased in the liver mitochondria while state three and four respiration decreased in the brain mitochondria. In both the tissues respiration rates decreased with ascorbate + TMPD as the substrate. In the heart mitochondria ADP/O ratios with NAD+ linked substrates decreased, while respiration rates increased with all the substrates except for ascorbate + TMPD. Temperature kinetics data showed different effects on ATPase in the mitochondria from the three tissues. Data on lipid/phospholipid profiles suggested that the observed changes in energy metabolism were not mediated via lipid changes. Long-term exposure to Al resulted in approximately 100% increase in Al content of liver and brain mitochondria but in the heart there was phenomenal 11-fold increase, indicating thereby that the effects of Al exposure were indirect rather than direct due to Al accumulation.

    now if you want to keep on using it then that's your choice, and as far as being "All wise and powerful"..........not me, but if you keep on using tinfoil, then i'll certainly end up more wise that you!..............Peace out...........Sid

  19. rats are way different then humans dont bull shit me wit this animal testing,unless its prime eats then i might beleve it but rats arent even close to humans
  20. yeh well life is gettin slightly better, now that im bongless ive been spending alota time just burning blunts. i had a real nice gotti...a 6 gram krypto blunt....sheeesh im still hitting it...


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