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  1. So today i decided to clean my only spoon that i had bought from a local headshop. I loved it because it was locally made by a Fresno glassblower and the owner of the shop threw the spoon across the room and it didnt break when it landed.

    I've had it for about Four months and today while i was cleaning out the resin from the bowl, a chunk of the bowl broke and fell into the inside. I was high as a kite and stared at my piece for a good thirty seconds until i decided to finally yell "FUCK", that was when my GF walked over and saw what i did. She slapped me behind the head and said "you better go roll a blunt in memory of it" So i did.:smoke:

    Sad thing is that im really picky about spoons, i went through three headshops to find a spoon i liked, now the hunt is on again :l
  2. Good luck!
  3. sucks man. sorry to hear. I understand the pickyness... ive been there too at some point. now you at least get to get a new piece to try, use. Also, i hate it when people try to "test teh glass".. all it needs is one little shock "thermal or physical, and that lovely piece is a garbaged piece. take care of it like its the only piece youll EVER get. then you'll always have it. cheers.:hello: and good luck:smoke:
  4. yeah, i used to bang it around a bit when i would ash it because it was pretty thick. and of all times it breaks while im cleaning it lol
  5. lol this is why i use simplegreen just let it soak then rinse looks brand new i stay away from cleanin glass when im high because i have broken a piece high and cleaning it:(...
  6. i high as hell and knocked my illy over on the carpet, son long to the bowl and downstem in my a.c, thank the lord nothing else broke, but i must stared at the damage for a good 15 mins swearing to never be so careless again, boy was that a depressing high that day. on the brighter side i can now invest in a custom worked slide and a showerhead downstem :)
  7. yeah i bought that spoon when i had a job, but now im jobless and on a budget so i can invest alot into a new piece :(

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