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  1. Well gents...Looks like I need either a new hard drive or video card:( Computer/games crash when I play which means...

    No tf2
    No CS:S
    No WoW - well i don't care about that one
    No CoD4/WAW!

    my ps2 is shit and the only console game system I have left (that works) is N64 lol! oh yeah and dreamcast but its a japanese version along with 'Code veronica'
  2. Could be a driver issue, try posting your dxdiag in this thread and I'll take a look.

    Goto Run, then type dxdiag, save the results and post them here or PM them to me whatever you want. :)
  3. Ok I'm gonna do that now.
  4. I think i did it right..?

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  5. It would appear you're just in need of a new video card.

    I suggest searching for a good deal on a 8800 GT.
  6. How can you tell this?
  7. Your video card is a 7900, it's outdated.

    As far as drivers go I didn't see anything out of the ordinary, though I'm not a super computer whizz I'm just going by my own experiences. I too use nvidia cards.

    Trust me on this one though, an 8800 GT will vastly improve your gaming, and you can get one for under $150.
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  9. I've used a 7600 GT, a 8600 GT, a 7500 GT, and a 8800 GT.

    If you want the best bang for your buck, get a 8800 GT. Your CPU and ram look fine, you will get a lot of performance from this card.
  10. Well, I had some malware on my computer and couldn't get rid of it so I reformatted and my computer still crashes when I play games or watch videos
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    An easy way to see if it's your video card, is to take it out and use the built in video for awhile. See if you still have the same issues without the card in the PC.

    If no issues, then you know it's the card or something related to it.
  12. ^^ Yeah I would try the integrated video, just to rule that out. I don't feel it's the GPU, unless it physically dying. I take it you had no problems before the malware infection. What is your exact error that displays when it crashes? Or does it just completely lock up?
  13. It's either
    1. Computer locks up and restarts
    2. Program crashes

    Also, I get BSOD when I boot up just before the windows xp loading screen and have to press F8 to get passed it(BSOD). which made me think it was my hard drive.
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    Hmmm, well that is not good. I assume the malware is all gone now. Would you like to run HijackThis and post it like the dxdiag for a second opinion? I might be able to find something there.

    Otherwise I'm thinking hard drive.

    Oh also, go to the command prompt, cmd in the Run box. Type "chkdsk" and see if it finds any errors.
  15. Yeah malware is gone..i've never messed with hijackthis because im afraid to ruin something
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    if ur really looking for a video card now
    for 100-150 u can get a real good card

    i kno rhasta suggested the 8800gt and its a decent card

    but if u wanna spend a few extra bucks there are good cards from both nvidia and ati out rite now thats pretty worth it

    my recommendation would be the ati hd costs about 140-160 and is pretty damn fast..(benchmarks faster than 9800gtx+ in a lot of situations)

    for bout 20 bucks less u can get the 9800gt...but also slower

    i would say the 8800gt is one generation too old now..but if u wanna spend even less money..thats prolly a pretty good deal

    hope i could be of help

    edit: if u dont already know, a good website for computer stuff is
  17. tokin i'm giving you +rep for favoring games like TF2 CS:S and COD4 (hope you play 5 too because I abandoned 4 for 5)
  18. Thanks for helping me out guys time to go shopping +rep to all:hello:

    and I haven't played world at war yet because my computer was jacked up when I got it for Christmas.
  19. I'd like to go ahead and point out that the 8800GT can play most of the latest games at max settings. I play Fallout 3 maxed out at 1440x900. Next couple years it will be obsolete, but by then, those cards that were mentioned will be at it's price and still be good deals. That's how I upgrade my PC, I wait til the stuff is dirt cheap.
  20. So your problem came after you reformatted? Sounds like you haven't updated all of your drivers.

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