Sad sad day in the Widespread Panic family

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  1. Well I don't know what to say, Mikey Houser from Widespread Panic is no longer with us, he passed away yesterday. As many of you know I LOVE this band and this is just heartbreaking. I lost Jerry back in 95 (Aug 9th) and now Mikey on (Aug 10th). My heart and prayers go out to the Houser and Panic family. We've lost a very special man and may he rest and peace and enjoy that great gig in the sky.

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  2. I also am deeply effected and saddened by Mikey's death. I truly felt Mikey's music was a path leading me in the right direction. The happiest time of my life is at a Panic show. We love you Mikey, and you will be missed.

    Spreadhead forever.
  3. I'll dedicate this whole smoke out to him....actually nah, I'll dedicate this next hit to him...sux that he had to die...
  4. Phishhead & I watched the WSP DVD last night, and I realized this is a wonderful DVD... It truly captures WSP's love for the music, and to play for their ever-admiring audience. RIP Mikey, you will be missed by your LARGE family!
  5. Hi guys and gals.
    Sean Dugas here. I'm a reporter with the Pensacola News Journal in Pensacola, and I'll be at the Wharf all weekend long covering Panic.
    I'll be shooting photos, video and using Twitter at (panic2009wharf) to get everyone the latest and greatest from the lot and the show.
    Follow all the news at or follow me on Twitter for quick hit updates.
    Got some news? Come find me; I'd love to see ya.
    This will be my third year in Orange Beach, and I know it's gonna be a wild-good time.
    Anything you folks would like to see in this weekend's coverage?
    Have a good one.


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