Sad Plants Durring Flowering Stage- Pictures

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    Here are some pics of my two Northern Lights that look very wilted and the older leaves turn completely yellow and dry up like in the picture. The buds are growing very slow because of these problems.

    My SSH plant (in the same are) is doing fairly well in the same conditions. Please help me out I can't find any info on this issue. I will be checking the ph when i get my meter in the mail tomorrow.


    400 Watt HPS
    FloraNova (flowering)
    Light 11 hours
    Ebb N Flow system
    Enclosed area with 2 fans and one outtake sucking air from my light up to the attic.
    Temperature should be ok now but was a little warm in past
    Watering 3x a day (durring light period) for 20 minutes.

    Thanks to whoever out there can help. :D

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  2. Is that tin foil I spy?
  3. You have all that stuff but don't know what your temps are? You need to know how hot your plants are under that light man. What's with the "outtake", how powerful is your fan? How is your exhaust set up? Is it filtered?
  4. how long has this been happening? when was the last time you fed them because from the looks of it, the ph seems to be off balance...*the claw* is what its called, are you feeding them with ph balanced water and nutes? i dont know much about hydro grows but i dunno about WATERING 3X A DAY???? hope this helps
  5. I agree, looks like a Ph problem. I would drain your solution, rinse the reservoir, and give them plain Ph balanced water for a few days. Then go back to a mild nute solution. Check your Ph at least twice a day for a few days to make sure its staying where it should.
  6. If you wanna do hydro, then go with a wick fed PASSIVE hydro setup-as its virtually fool proof-Of course that wont help the plants you have now. Looks like a nutrient/watering problem-as in way too much.
  7. Is this in rockwool? If so looks like wrong ph possibly from excess salt build up in the rockwool. You also need to cut those things off once they are dead,
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    it looks like a nitro or phros prob u got there dude they have that claw look to the leaves hmmmm maybe consider changing nutes and u r using hps i would recommend getting a reflector a decent one, they look overwatered have u tried to move them to a bigger pot, how old are they
  9. Make watering 400 ml. every second day.
    Light 12 h/24 h
    You can lose much of buds if you wont take an action!!!
    Put in : sepcially!!!N[nitrogen-will help your leafs to stay alive,bud will be bigger],P[phosporus-buds will be bigger, allso helps the plant health.],K[postassium-hard stimulate leafs,plants body(stem,leafs)],B[boron-bigger count of buds],Mo[molibdenum-stimulate growing for stem,branches, and leafs health.],Zn[zinc-plants will grow faster!that means more buds...]:hello:
    good luck!!! ++ heal him! :D
  10. I have no idea what could be wrong.
  11. So I just got my PH tester and thermometer. The water in the hydroponic system is a PH of 5.1 and the temperature is pretty low, like 68 degrees F. So maybe it is the nutrients. Maybe I'll switch to a different type of nutrient? Or is the PH to low?
  12. PH should be around 5.8 - 6 I think. You should really know the appropriate PH level for your hydro system.
  13. Ph on veg. must be 6...on flow.-6,5-7... and check water temperature.nutes allways get little bit lower.Your plants looks so awefall...i think cuz you use maybe to much...or temp low.
  14. So I think I found out what was wrong but help me confirm this. I attached a picture of the bottom of my hydroponic pot and the roots look bunched together and brown. Is this root rot? I think I had too small of a planting container and the roots just sat in water most of the time.

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  15. Ouch...root rot.:( Yeah, healthy roots are white.
  16. with hydro, you can let the roots chill, it needs to be warmer, at lesat 75, as far as the pH, that i am not to sure about... just my flavor of kool-aide, you ain't feeling it,.. sorry

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