Sad News About Gc Member Illadelphin :(

Discussion in 'General' started by Royksopp, Jun 22, 2013.

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    I can't believe another one of these threads has to be made again but it's true. Illadelphin was a member since 2009 and one of my first friends on gc. Good dude with a good head on his shoulders. Was never close to him but anyone that talked to him even briefly could tell he was a good guy. Only 22 years old, he died before his time. They don't know what the cause is yet.
    He was pretty popular and was even a mod at one point so this thread is in his honor.
    R.I.P Illy!

    I hope you don't mind royk...I'm editing your post because I want to make it easier for anyone who knew Sam to find what his girlfriend at the time of his death posted in here to see it....
    A heart wrenching thread for a lot of members of the city, to be sure...IF

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  2. How did you find this out?
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    It was on his facebook and there's a news article confirming it.
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    ............. Wow..............

    I talked to him off and on and he was a pretty cool dude. Can't believe another blade has gone by the way side..........

    =( Sad day man.....
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    Sad News indeed, He sounded like a great guy and had a great outlook on life
    22 such a shame,
    I hope he is bowling up with the Big Guy of his choosen.
    RIP ILLy
    This is for you
  7. Sad to see these threads keep popping up...
    Illa was a great guy...the world just got a little sadder without him around...RIP
  8. Damn... he was a funny dude.  Didn't know him that well but we shared in some entertaining goofball banter.
    Fuckin hell.
    RIP man.
  9. Damn man. He was a cool guy. We didn't have many conversations, but he was a nice guy and I respected him. Damn. RIP 
  10. Oh my god, I can't stop crying. 
    He was such a good guy. 

  11. Damn, he was a good man. RIP Illadelphin, you wont be forgotten.
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    What happened to him? :( This joint's for you Illadelphin. :cry:
  13. Burning one for man
  14. Awful :( He was an incredibly smart dude. Gonna miss seeing his posts around here.
    RIP illa
  15. 'Ar deis Dé go raibh a hanam'
    you're in a better place now Illa, I will see you in the thousands of stars scattered in the nights sky. You supported me through your kind private messages. You encouraged me to get help. And I'll forever be in your debt.
    it's wasn't your time to go :(
  16. Man this fucking sucks.

    Rest In Power, Illa.

    You will be missed.
  17. Oh my god....I don't even know what to say....This is a very sad day....
    Rip Sam.
  18. I didn't know this guy. Haven't formed any meaningful relationships with any members on here, but just looked this dude up. Recognise him from his profile pic. Sorry that you have all lost a friend. It ain't easy, especially due to his age.
    I feel for his family and friends who are mourning, it's so ratshit when young people die. You can accept it more when it's your 80 year old grandad.
    Love to you all xxx

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