Sad day- Losing your Best Friend

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by SuicidalSpaz, Aug 20, 2008.

  1. Hey guys, Spaz here.

    So it was Monday, and I went down to my old town to see my best friend, He lives about a 2 minute drive away. We've known each other for 15 yrs, started playing soccer together, My boy J was my first real friend.

    We started smoking together, And chilled all the time. He got me surfin' and we always had mad fun.

    So monday was his last day here. He's headed out to ASU, and I'm in NJ. Arizona is mad far, but he's going for something good. Headed out there for architecture. I'm mad happy for him, but damn did monday suck.

    I get down there, and he pulls out Agent Orange, his first bong. I started laughing, cause I was with him when we got it. I picked up some Acid, E, and Weed, enough for 4 people easy. You see, we were the intellectual stoners. The ones who think way outside the box. Myself, J, E, and John are all that way.

    So we rounded the group up. E was at work, but he just left, haha. He works at the movies and his manager understood what was up.

    Everyone arrives, and we all take 3 hits, 2 e bombs, and we begin smoking. Now for those of you who smoke bongs, you know hard hitting bong+ good weed= High as a mother fucker.

    And that we were. We went through an Entire 1/4, just bowl after bowl. Fucking insane.

    Then it hit me:

    " Yo dudes, let's go to the beach and trip!"

    Beautiful day it was. mid 80's, no humidity, nice breeze and great rays.

    We arrived at the beach, and began to start trippin' and rollin'. We sat all the way on the far end of the beach, away from everyone. We wanted to be away from all those who weren't the same.

    Had a few beach cops come up to us and ask us what we were doing. 2 were dicks, and the nice guy caught us with a blunt. " It's my best friend's last day, he's headed to Arizona state for college." He laughed, and reached into his pocket. The feeling of knowing you're fucked sucks. But then He pulled out a cigarette pack, with 5 joints in there. " This job sucks guys, ya know?" We laughed it off, and he faded away on his quad.

    Alas, we left the beach, and went back to J's. We hit the bong a few more times, and it was 10pm. J had to be up at 3am for his flight, and he needed sleep. John and E bounced first saying their goodbyes.

    And then it hit me. It was just J and Me. The last time I'd see my best friend of 15 yrs. until Christmas. We shook, and hugged. I noticed we were both crying a little, and I broke the hug.

    " Dude, we can't be doing this man. We'll keep in touch and see each other soon."

    " Yeh dude, I'll find us some trouble to get into when you fly out to visit."

    " Totally dude."

    Agent Orange was picked up and handed to me. " I couldn't think of any safer hands I could put this into. So take it bro, It's yours."

    The first piece he'd ever gotten, the piece that started it all... it was now mine, and I began thanking him. And for all the dudes out there, you know the speach you give your homie when they gotta leave.

    " Be safe, but have mad fun. Don't do anything I wouldn't bro."

    "Yeh man, I got it. Call ya when I land."

    " Peace bro. See ya soon."

    That last one was a lie. 4 months until we'd chill again. Feels like so long. He headed inside and I ran out to my car and sat inside. I looked back at his house, and sadness began to intercede. I was in shock, my best friend was leaving, but he needed to. I would have done the same if I had the opportunity. I put on champagne super nova, and began the long journey home.

    Can't wait to see my boy again.
  2. That sucks. but just remember that u will still chill with him and just never go outta touch with him. ive lost a best friend too, just last week my friend had to go back and live with his parents in florida because he got hit in the head with a brick and is now mentally retarded and he cant use the left side of his face.
  3. I know how it feels man.. I just had my best homie leave to another country, I also had to cry at the last moments.. and in a few months time I'm also gonna have to say bye to the mates that Ive chilled and smoked with everyday for about 2 years. Sometimes you just gotta make the best with what time you do have..
  4. I'm gonna be honest with you dude, I'm feeling sad right now. That really sucks...I could imagine.

    Keep tokin' :(

  5. i know how it is too man.
    one of the saddest moments in our lives is losing the closest people to us
  6. i graduated from highschool in '07 so i went through all that at the end of last summer, only thing i can say is when you do meet up again, its a great time. one of my best from grade 3 on moved to ottawa (6hour drive from where i live) so it wasnt too bad but i was too broke to go and see him more than once.

    then at school i became really close with about 8-10 guys living in my section of res and when everyone left, the tears were flowin' for sure. just keep in touch, talk on msn and shit. call random nights when youre doin' nothing call him up and shoot the shit for awhile, 4 months will fly by dude.
  7. +rep for heterosexual life partners
  8. sounds like a sad, but great day man. + rep
  9. At least he's not dead... That's what I thought from the title. Just save up small amounts of bud from every purchase you make in the next 4 months and smoke all of it with him as a reunion party
  10. Dude I am definitely feeling you.

    I left my 3 best friends back in the States and it was emotional to say good bye because I was going to a whole different country for a year and it would be hard to keep in touch directly cause they don't do the whole myspace thing.

    We went to one of my friends house on my second to last night and smoked 6 blunts outside around a bon-fire, a few other people were there but they went inside and then it was just us 4. The 4 of us who had been raising hell since 5th grade. It was fucking crazy cause we were all high too so it was like damn. It would and will probably the last time just the four of us hung out due to betrayal of one of the friends. Shits crazy cause it won't be the same when I get back.

    It's sad really. High school time was really were you didn't have a care in life compared to what the real life will be like. Just got to remember the good times.

    btw: post 420 :bongin:
  11. its times like this that im glad to be pregnant....cuz i can blame the small tear i just wiped away on horomones instead of the touching story of your "last" good time with someone that will always be more than a friend to you..i can tell u guys are def more like brothers than just sure when hes back in town for xmas that itll be a great time for all
  12. Thanks guys, I talked to him earlier. He's already found a bud and shroom source. I'm looking forward to chillin' with him.
  13. i just went through this yesterday too. my bestfriend that i was always with, we pretty much were always together cruising. but the shitty part is that just about my whole circle of friends and my bestfriend all moved to another island for college and they're all together and im here with practically no one to hang out really sucks.

    he even gave me his bong because he dropped mines accidently months ago
  14. That story made me sad :(
  15. Damn dude def. know what you mean.
  16. + Rep for Bromances dude.

    I know what its like losing a best friend. It sucks, you just gotta try and keep in touch and party it up when you see each other.
  17. Anyone who has friends goes through this.

    It's just a part of life. It happens.
  18. man I was getting sadder, and sadder reading this story because I thought you were going to say you lost him, forever.

    take a pic of you hitting agent orange and mail it to him
  19. damn, hes still alive dude.. trust me it could be worse :/
  20. agent orange is a great name for a bong lol.

    but yea... while touching, i've got to admit it did seem a little gay... but i know how close friends get, no worries.

    title made him seem dead... could be that bad. just hope things dont dissapate between you two while he's away and you'll be ok

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