Sad day for one of my girls.....

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  1. I found stem rot, or a fungus. I asked a family member (long time grower) to look. He said to chop it cause its gone to far and it will take out my other one. He's grown this strange for 25 years so he knows what to do.......:(
  2. I would still suggest getting a couple more opinions... Post pics, maybe there's someone who's got a fix.
  3. Probably too late, lol.
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    I can't post any pics.. im on a smart phone.. but they start as a black slit then move to a white bumpy rot looking opening.. We have been having a really sticky few weeks here... Just gross to be in.. And its to late,i took it down. I didnt want to risk my other one. Oh like i said im on a smart phone so sometimes auto-correct will kick in on this and i won't catch it. try to fill ot in the best you can or just ask me.
  5. I seen people harvest just fine with stem rot problems. I had a branch last year that made it as well.
  6. I will remember that next year... this year was freebes next year ill be spending money on my seems

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