Sad day For me at Hardees.

Discussion in 'General' started by Drewsley, Sep 24, 2010.

  1. I am usually a very healthy eater and watch out for fast food generally all the time...unless im high. Well i was high as shit last week on my way to work about 9:00 am and i passed a hardees that had this glorious looking pork chop and gravy biscuit plastered on the window. i had to have one! i pulled up made my order gave the lady my money she hands me my drink and i was so fkin excited i ran off and forgot my damn food :(. i was so high and upset i was to scared to go back. so i settled with a sorry ass dairy queen sausage biscuit. sad day. just thought i'd share.


    Doesnt it look mouth wateringly good.
  2. why do drive thru's do that? why not hand out the damn drink and the food at the same damn time.?
  3. Dude . . .porkchop sandwich sounds sweet!!
  4. im sure it would have been *sigh*. I think i'll have my self one tomarrow!
  5. You should have went back there in rage and played it off like it was their fault you didn't get your sandwhich. Then demanded something for free.
  6. how the hell do you think we should do that?

  7. We?

    And what...? You possess two hands do you not and or a bag to place said drink within?
  8. i use to work at carls jr. (it was hardees back then) and i gave them their drinks and food at the same time. alot of people came through there high tho. funny stuff :hello:

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